Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Week, My Day

Today is my birthday...

Happy burfday to me
Happy burfday to me
Happy burfday to cq
Happy burfday to me....

I have the day off work - I make it a point never to work on my birthday! I had a modest pile of parcels and envelopes to open in bed this morning which was nice :-)
On Friday all the Crazies are getting together - even Katgirl and RCA are coming up from London to help celebrate a threeway birthday; me sleepypete and bionicdwarf. Should be a good night!

I got a copy of the hospital letter to the next hospital in the chain. The physio's suggested diagnoses are torn anterior cruciate ligament or meniscal tear - but I am still thinking torn cartilage. I met a woman last week who had had all the same symptoms and pain and she had a torn cartilage. Now we wait for an appointment for the MRI scan.

Meanwhile, I spread my currently clipped wings on Sunday and went out to watch my Company of Chivalry re-enactment friends take part in our annual archery competition.
I braved my car and swore every time I changed gear - which involved flexing my bad knee!
It was worth it to see the guys and gals - even though they teased me unmercifully about my temporary disability, which was only to be expected :-)
I had a wonderful afternoon out and enjoyed every minute - except the driving!

Work is going all right, I am getting about ok thanks to the crutches given to me by Southmead Hospital. I'm not driving (see above!), and the local bus service is getting my commuter business at the moment.
But I do work at home the occasional day when my knee is bad - like yesterday, after my exploits on Sunday!



Sleepypete said...

Happy birthday CQ :-)

Card & pressie are waiting for Friday :-)

Melli said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Crazy Queen! May your knee be cooperative if even just for today! Enjoy and celebrate in style!

Bilbo said...

Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpio! My birthday is on Friday, so let's virtually celebrate together! I hope that you have a great birthday and many, many more to come! Best wishes from The Colonies! Bilbo.

CyberKitten said...

Happy Birthday CQ. I guess that I should really get SleepyPete a birthday present..... [Logs onto Amazon]

Lazy Daisy said...

Happy Birthday most sovereign one. Hope your knee cooperated with you. Miss you sweet friend.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, My Dear CQ...Sorry I wasn't here on "The Day".....We haf quite a bit going on here on that day....! I have no updater things cause I'm waaay behind in Blogloand...So, I just came overe tonight HOPING you had updated..And You Had! HOORAY!

Glad yo read you had a lovely day out with the gang....! And I hope you have a GRAND Get-Together on Friday....Today for you!

I just had my 3rd Blog Anniversary....Hard to believe!

rashbre said...

Happy happy birthday! We Scorpios have a great month!