Sunday, May 13, 2007

Done It!!

It's 10.15pm and I have finally finished my outfits for medieval re-enactment in Italy.......

One long shift made from scratch (including a complete new neckline to correct my disastrous first effort!)

One linen underdress unpicked and resewn as a kirtle

One wool kirtle lengthened by 4inches

- so two complete outfits, for all weathers!

And my bags are packed ready for the lorry and all the kit is in the car for transportation to the lorry pick up point after work tomorrow....

So, time for the first answer to Naomi's question:
What do you think it is about the Re-enactments that attracts? As an actress, I can understand the idea of "playing a part"..but, this is so much more than that..there is History...there is living there as if in that time period....I am fascinated by everyone's committment...!

I thought this was a good question, so asked it on our re-enactment company forum!

First response is from H, aka Beatrice de Roos:
Because it makes me feel whole. when I get to an event I feel like I have come home. I've always loved the past and when I was a little girl I was always being told that I belonged in the past! With re-enactment this is the closest I can get. I love learning new things and have learnt so much in the last 5 or 6 years I've been re-enacting. basically it makes me complete. In re-enactment you belong to a world that a lot of people have lost - that is a world where your friends are your family and everyone looks out for you. It strange I almost can put my finger on why I love it so much , it's a part of who I am and is now firmly in my blood.

interesting - more insights tomorrow......



Dara said...

sounds like a fun thing to look forward to and congrats on finishing the sewing in time! here from michele's.

Bob-kat said...

Sounds like you've had a very productive weekend!

I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Italy :)

mar said...

You have been busy and now it seems you will be even busier having fun! Enjoy your time in Italy!

David said...

wow - I think that is what sailing and wooden boat building do for me, take me back to something basic.
Nothing like making a fire and cooking your dinner over it!
Praise be to God who lets us "play" a bit in this busy and 'oh so serious' world.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a wonderfully informative answer---And you know I think many many people who are actors would say some similar things about feeling whole and complete....

This makes me want to know many other things: The "characters" you each you make up a whole backstory for them? Like where they grew up, how many siblings they have, etc.?
Who decides how you fit into the world and time of the Re-Enactment?
Do you all have specific names, and if so, do you make them up or does someone give them to you?
Is there a Director of the re-enactments who decides who you are and what your "job" is during the weekend, etc? And who decides who shall 'die' and/or be 'woundeded' only...?
My Lord! One question leads to another, doesn't it? But it is very very fascinating....!