Monday, May 28, 2007

Questions Answered

Time to answer the questions asked by my visitors over the weekend here...

Karen said...
I got to looking at your Race for Life Cancer Research information.
How are you racing? Are you running? Walking? Cycling?
And what a FANTASTIC idea to emblazon the name of the blogger who donates the most money!!
Hi Karen.

I am walking, as I do have some old injuries, but I am hoping to start and finish running. In addition to the 'daily grind' I am doing about 8 miles a week at a smart walk in two four mile sessions.
Yep, Minerva on the back, Biggest Blogger on the front :-)

Barbara said...
Everything is purple!
Cancer research - a favorite cause of yours?
Hi Barbara.
Purple is my favourite colour - bar none!
Up until a couple of years ago it was a remote concern, not impacting on me at all really. But then I had a member of staff whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I moved heaven and earth to ensure he could stay home with his wife, and tried to support them through surgery and radiation. Then I 'met' Minerva and decided to take part in the 2007 race and raise some money - to do my bit, as us English say!

Carmi said...
I like the smoking timer. See, I never started smoking because I feared I wouldn't have the courage to quit. I am thus in complete awe of anyone who has the guts to stop smoking.I admired you a lot before. I admire you even more now because courage is one of humanity's most admirable character traits.
Hey Carmi, my dear friend.
I wish I'd known how hard it was going to be when I started smoking, but then I started so young. Everyone in my peer group was smoking, especially as we hung out with older kids. Trying to kick a 30yr habit is hell. But then I kicked nail-biting after 30+yrs - so anything is possible.
I don't see myself as courageous. Perhaps stubborn, but not courageous - yeah, stubborn!

Panthergirl said...
How's the book?
Who are the missing people you mention?
Hiya Panthergirl.
The book is kind of 'cool education'. It's an excellent biography of Edward III. He's the King in my re-enactment period so it's good homework!
Alan Johnston was kidnapped in the Gaza. He is a highly regarded journalist for the BBC and we believe he is still alive, despite claims he has been executed.
Madeleine McCann is a little girl who was abducted from her bed on holiday in Portugal while her parents were at dinner. We would love to see her reunited with her family, but, to be honest, hopes are fading for her survival.

Judy said...
CQ, I read all the way down to where you said you hadn't smoked for 7 months. THAT'S GREAT! I am a recovering smoker too, I quit over 25 years ago, and I still want one now and then, and I dream that I am smoking.
It's good that you enjoy reenacting. The only history I'd want to do that with is ancient Egyptian!
Hi Judy.
See this post here about my dreams of smoking.....!
Ancient Egyptian re-enacting? Interesting choice, of course you could only do that in Egypt :-)Mrs Aginoth still reckons I'm gonna dump the 14C for the Tudors (MUCH nicer clothes!)

Pearl said...
Is the sidebar at the bottom for everyone or just from mac safari?
Hi Pearl.
Do I have a bottom sidebar? Do you mean this little symbol?
It's the symbol for eXTReMe Tracker - a tracker system Aginoth got me registered with in my early blogdays and is quite accurate!

Nikki-Ann said...
I could spent ages playing with George the cat in your sidebar (I'm easily entertained!).

What is the dragon icon?
Something to do with year of birth or star sign I'm guessing?
Hello Nikki-Ann.
Isn't he adorable? I've been trying to remember who got me into BunnyHero Labs - but I can't. And, of course, purple is my signature colour!
You are right about the dragon. The dragon is my birth sign in the Chinese horoscope, and the writing says 'dragon'. I am a wood dragon - which basically means I 'wear purple and walk barefoot in public fountains' - a child of impulse.

Hanulf said...
1. What is the Zeus Legends Ball?
2. How is that book?
3. I love George!
Hi Hanulf.Welcome to the Palace.
1. You can read about the Legends Ball here.
2. The book is actually rather good and easy to read. Mortimer has put all the annoying, but necessary, references and footnotes at the back so the reader can just cruise through.
3. Why, thank you. And George thanks you too. Quite a few of my regulars stop by to play with him!! :-)

Naomi said...
Is London July 7th the Cancer Run/Walk? And if not, what does it stand for?
Hi Naomi.
You're never too late, my dear!
My Race for Life is on Jun 16. The races are run all over the UK over the space of a couple of months.
London July the 7th is the sad anniversary of the day in 2005 when terrorists attacked public transport in London during rush hour and killed 52 innocent people on their way to work.



Blue Monkey Jammies said...

Wow I really enjoyed this post! It's like a little window into the craziequeen world. Such a great idea :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My Dear...I found out so very many interesting things today! Some I knew, but some I did not! I didn't ask anything.Hmmmm.Is it too late to ask? London, Jly 7th, the Cancer Run/Walk? And if not, what does it stand for?

The Turmanators said...

Very interesting stuff! I'm in awe of your site...I'm a blogger newbie and enjoying trying to branch out, which you have so clearly mastered already. Congrats of the 7 months, the nomination, etc.

Michelle sent me today.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Of course! I should have remembered that...! Sorry, my dear...And, BTW: Going to increase my donation to your Walk/Run...I had a little bit of a windfall...! Hooray!

Pearl said...

I mean from my browser your post text is all right from the left edge to right edge of my screen with my window maximized and to see any sidebar links, archive or George cat, I have to scroll to the bottom.

Barbara said...

cq - Thanks for answering my question. I noticed the work you've done for Minerva and I wondered if there was more to it than that.

Bob-kat said...

Hi Hon. I'm not doing so well at the moment but wnated to drop by and say hi. Hope you're feeling better.

kenju said...

Thanks for the note about your answers; I enjoyed reading the ones to everyone else as well.

I got an email from an old friend this morning; he and his wife watched a reenactment this weekend in Illinois and enjoyed it! Maybe someday you'll come over here to see/participate in one?

mar said...

Congrats on your 7 smoke-free months!!! I quit almost 20 years ago and I can't stand cigarette smoke since then...
Just saw your praying for the safe return of that little girl... It is devastating.
Good luck on that race for life- cq, you are so busy!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good questions and answers, CQ.

panthergirl said...

Hey CQ, thanks for answering my questions.

I now have heard a lot about Madeline McCann, and while I feel sorry for the parents I can't help but wonder WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?? Who leaves infants alone in a hotel room while they go to dinner? What if the children wake up and the parents aren't there?

Sheesh... you hate to see a little girl suffer because of the idiocy of the parents.