Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crazie Caption Time

This weekend's caption picture is a fun one of the beautiful Mr Sweetie - lifetime companion of our beloved Naomi in The Hills.

George the bear was my Christmas present to her last year, sending her a little bit of Britain, and Sweetie took right to him.

It should come as no surprise that Naomi took this wonderful photo!! So, captions please.

The winner of last week's caption was Blogdom's White Knight, Mike Althouse. He took a break from his 25Yr Plan to comment:

Caption: "Meow. Meow meow... meeeeow! Meowmeowmeow meow."

I think it's funny, but I can't translate cat.

And, in addition, a small game. My dear blogfriend Carmi, over in London Ontario, recently said he thought of me when he took this picture on his blog - as I had missed a similar opportunity recently.

Do you ever think of blogfriends (not those you see anyway, but those you have never met)? The ones that come to mind the most for me are Naomi (whenever I watch a film or see certain people on TV in the papers etc), Carmi (I see so many photo opportunities and never, ever consider whipping out my camera until it's too late!) and Minerva (who is constantly in everyone's thoughts). Is this an effect of this new blogworld?

All visitors are tagged for this bit of fun - do certain activities bring to mind blogfriends?



Michele said...

You want me to caption something? really, would I ever do that to you? Oh, I would? Okay....

Can I come back with a caption? let us pretend you said yes.

Of course I think of some of my blogfriends. Often. In fact, there is one that I think of more than often.

Mike speaks cat? I'm impressed.

And now I am rambling....

(Michele sent me, in a third person kind of way)

tanya (aka netchick) said...

Hell... CQ, I think of my blog friends ALL THE TIME! Most are friends in real life... And, I'm even help founding a "social media networking club" here in Vancouver that's already well known in Ottawa and Toronto in Canada... So, yes. I'm a social media nut.

Michele sent me by.. sorta.

"What would you think if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?"

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, Hello there! What a lovely surprise to see Sweetie & George...! Love it, my dear CQ! Yes, I think of my blogbuddies all the time...I so wish I could meet about 15 of them "in Person"..Like you! I would love to go cavorting around The Cotswolds with you, my dear...Lunch at The Lygonn Arms...YUM!

Okay. Since I SUCK at the captioning thingy, I will give you one anyway...It is truly boring what I've come up with, but it is the first thing that came to my mind....

Sweetie To George: "Okay, just remember I am the Alpha Pet!"

Nobody sent me here today, but I was over at Michele's and just realized I hadn't been by in a bit...Soooo busy with those fabulous Hummingbirds. The flowers will be over in a few days...Sad To Say.

tanya aka netchick said...

Okay. I'll add a caption... Because Michele is messing with the game ;)

"there's a shadow hanging over me... I say something wrong, I long for yesterday"

Damn, that doesn't work.

Okay, I'll try again.

"MMmmmm. Fleece hat."

gautami tripathy said...

Great hat you got! Mind if I share?

Got her from michele. Mind you I was missed. Hence making it by visiting you.

PI said...

SWEETIE What say we go outside and nab us a few humming birds?

Forgive me Naomi - I'm not serious.
I do feel a close bond with some of my cyber friends and feel anxious when they disappear for a few days. I realise that it is the only way to survive and avoid burn- up, so although I miss them I don't begrudge their days/weeks away.
Here from Michele's this time

Jean-Luc Picard said...

WWhere can I get a snazzy outfit like that?"

shoeaddict said...

Michele sent me to tell you that I think of my blogfriends a lot. I have some really great friends in the blog world

Maria said...

Here's a caption for you:

"I have often heard that obnoxious American tourists try to make the London Palace Guards blink. Being a somewhat obnoxious American cat,I've been trying to make this guy biink for what seems like an eternity with no luck at all."

Thank you for visiting my site. I have enjoyed this visit to yours and cannot agree with you more about blogger friends. May I add that I hope this is the beginning of a new friendship. I have enjoyed your site immensely.

Thumper said...

"Does you has a flavr? Wood you mind if I taked a taste???"

Tiffany said...

What a cute picture! I think of my blogfriends all the time. I try and check in on them at least once a week. Some of them update a few times a week, and some of them update rarely :(

Michele sent me

Carmi said...

"Are YOU my protector?"

I hear what you're saying about blogfriends. Friendship is so much more than proximity. I feel I could sit down for tea with any of my blogfriends and we wouldn't stop talking, bantering and sharing until long after the sun had gone down.

Because I tend to get very reflective when I write and when I take pictures, it is during those two times when I am most likely to think about my online buds. Case in point: the balloon pic. Your comment had stuck in my mind when I first read it, and it popped back in as I composed this one.

Not the first time...and it certainly won't be the last!

I zoomed on by from Michele's this time, but you know that I'd be here anyway.

Michael Manning said...

Cat: "Kiss me you fool!"

PI said...

I'm here again - courtesy of Michele.
I've just heard that one of my blog friends is in hospital with heart problems and I feel very concerned,
and I realise how inporant cyber friends have become to me.

PI said...

Oh dear - it's late and I forgot to say dear Michele sent me.

Mr Farty said...

Caption: You Don't Look That Tough To Me!

The game: Amongst my blogfriends are Drama Queen and Spanish Goth. SG's girlfriend is called Mariposa. So when I was on holiday in Vancouver (not far from Tanya, had I but known), I just had to include them in my photoblog.

Michele sent me.

flleenie said...

Here is my caption:

"YOU MUST PROTECT THE that tuna on your nose?"

Dawn said...

I think you know how I feel about my blogfriends dear CQ.

I'm still looking forward to having you fly out for my Wedding next year so get saving for that hat!

I'd give a caption, but right now it's 7.04am on Sunday morning and I'm still attempting to clear the fog from my brain :)

Hope you're well.

gautami tripathy said...

I think of many of of my poet blog friends when I write poetry. All have different styles and we learn from each other.

We critique too.

Got here from michele's!

yellojkt said...


rob said...

"Blink. Blink! FREAKING BLINK, YOU LIMEY BASTARD! BLI-...wait...what's that over there? Is that Tony Blair giving a student some pocket change? It is! It really i-BLIIIIIIIIIINK!"

I now live with and adore without end my best blog (undapants) friend.

We're dorks.

smooches, hon...



WendyWings said...

Why are you dressed like that did Paris think you were her dog ?

Re Blogfriends yup I think of them often.

David said...

yes yes yes, blogfriends always on my mind. is Minerva alright???

and I found a little book I want to send to Carmi for his kids. glad to see you exchanging gifts with the bloggers, it makes me feel almost normal. hehe
moving still.

Minerva said...

Hello my dear,
Yes, back at last...

And what about 'Well, helLO Soldier...'