Sunday, November 25, 2007

Company of Chivalry Banquet

OK, so I missed out on the Banquet and Joust for my birthday, but the Company of Chivalry 14C annual banquet has just been held.

Being a small local company, our banquet is held in a local village hall. But once the trestles are put up, flags posted, candles arranged and trenchers put out [ref: Setting the table means exactly that; great boards placed over wooden stands at each end will be set up in a square fashion. White linen from the holding cupboard will be spread over each table. The High Table will have pewter platters and goblets. For most of the guests, however, it'll be bread trenchers (large thick slices of bread) which will hold their meal. Later on, these trenchers will either be fed to the animals of the manor house, or distributed to the poor], even without the linen cloths it looks rather good.
So we all gathered, hugged, exchanged greetings, changed into kit and started drinking - of course.......and the banquet began - with a few surprises for good ol' cq in store....

Vintner (aka Malcolm) and his helpers produced a six course dinner, from soup to game pie with everything in between.
The peasants and yeomen served the higher ranking members of the household, with Lord Hungerford, Young Lord Hungerford, Lord de Beauchamp and Lord Berkeley (aka Gary, Simon, Nick and Aaron) at the high table, eating from pewter dishes and drinking from glass goblets.

But good ol' cq's camera batteries went flat after one photo (above), so I am relying on Company members to provide some pictorial evidence for you guys!



Carmi said...

Your words described the scene so richly that more pictures are hardly needed. I wish I could have been there: it sounded delish on so many levels!

Alas, working from home now means no office parties. I sense I'm becoming more antisocial with age :)

Visiting from Michele's this time. I hope you have a blessed week that brings you only good news.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The moral of this story is: ALWAYS CARRY AN EXTRA SET OF BATTERIES! (LOL)
I look forward to any and ALL pics of this bawdy banquet! It sounds like a lot of fun, my dear!

aka_Monty said...

Carmi's exactly right--but if you get any more pics I hope you share them! :) What a fun time!!

Michele sent me over just now, by the way!