Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little excitement.... an otherwise dull day.
Today was miserable at work. We have a new computer system and today it didn't work at all - hardly at all. We sat there all day, waiting for the computer system to wake up. I filled my time packing boxes for our impending move to another office block.
It was so boring and frustrating, not being able to get on with some proper work.
Then Liz from security came rushing down the corridor.
'There's been an incident in the next building! Someone's collapsed! The ambulance is on the way and have asked for a defib to be made available!'
As I sprinted from my desk she called after me 'In the kitchens!'.
I sprinted across site, my manager in pursuit, running resuscitation scenarios through my mind. I entered the building at the same time as the paramedics, grabbed the defib from the wall and joined them in the kitchen.
After some initial care from the paramedics the girl recovered enough to be removed to the ambulance for further checks. There was, in fact, nothing medically wrong with her.
I put the defib back and went back to waiting for my computer to boot up..........
Dull days, indeed......


Bilbo said...

Nothing like a little excitement to liven up an otherwise dull day. It sounds as if you might better have used the defib on the new computers, eh?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, if this is what you call "dull", I want to know what a day of excitement might be....LOL!
Admitedly, waiting for the Computer Thingys to Get Themselves Together IS pretty damn dull....But, someone collapsing? I don't think so.

Nikki-ann said...

Maybe the defib should be used on the computer system!

Michael Manning said...

Crazie Queen: I blogged last year about coming across this scenario in a hotel lobby. Computers! Can't live without them, really!! I'm on my way to a long overdue visit with Minerva.:)

rashbre said...

Yikes, but better to not need to use the defib, I suppose.

No great surprises that a new computer system doesn't work on Day 1. I see that by the end of the week only 1 of the 16 lifts was still running in Heathrow T5 too.

Maybe there's a electronic virus spreading?