Saturday, January 03, 2009

16 Days of Christmas - 15th Day

(the 16 days refer to my long holiday leave)

On the 15th day of Christmas
my chores list sent to me...
Christmas is nearly over
and time to take down the tree.

So, our Christmas tree came down today. The Christmas miracle is that it stayed up, despite the efforts of my two boys, Charlie and William.

William (above) developed a taste for electrics and Charlie finally realised, after three years, that he is too big to sleep in the tree!

So the tree is down and the room looked so barren that I got quite low. As the daylight faded, I began lighting candles rather than the electric light and bathed in the soft glow of the candelight.

So if you're feeling low - light a candle or three.......and think of those you love.



David said...

lovely! mine are here:

David said...

i fed george, he seemed hungry.
happy days!

Melli said...

Oh. My tree is down too -- and I am THRILLED! Happy dancing even! I LOVE Christmas - but when it's over I LOVE to see it go away! LOL! I will soon be preparing MY home for new paint throughout... I can't WAIT!

If I were you I would be MORE sorrowful about how quickly your days of Christmas are passing by than by the idea of the tree coming down... How IS Knee these days???

Walker said...

My tree has been down for ummmmm 2 years but i am still digging it out so it should be up soon, 2010.
Is that a space odessey?

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