Monday, March 12, 2007

Blog Fodder #13

The Fodder question #13 is brought to us by none other than the talented writer/photographer and my blogbuddy, Carmi.
Where do you go to be alone?
I feel a fraud answering this one. I think this blog fodder question is definitely aimed at parents. I can have time alone any time I want.
But if it's desperately needed, I hide upstairs with a book........

Doncha just hate me now?? :-)


mar said...

this blog fodder question is definitely aimed at parents . Allow me to add: parents with small children!

Gopher said...

Yeah I tend to hide in my room too, it's got my PC, my nice DVD home cinema system, oh and a mini fridge (when I can be bothered to restock it).
I got books too, and if that don't work and if it's not too cold I can always try and hide in the attic, PC's up there too - reminds me need to clean up the erm broken glass after the light went flying - 2 tube strip light :-S.

Juggling Mother said...

Where do i go to be alone? Umm,probably 2021!


Uisce said...

I love alone time.

Carmi said...

I could never hate you. Respect, admire and be inspired by? Yes. But hate? Never.

My secret confession is stunningly similar: I bury myself in words to get away from the insanity of the world. I'm in great company indeed.

Mr Farty said...

I go to a place in my head to be alone. I call it my happy place. It leads to here.

Michele sent me.