Sunday, January 13, 2008

Universally Global!

I didn't realise it's Golden Globe weekend until I checked imdb for something and it was on their front page.
I knew JD [gulp] was nominated for Sweeney Todd, which we haven't even had over here yet, so that was no surprise.

The exciting bit for me is the fact that my favourite movie of 2007, possibly ever, is also nominated - and is up against JD....
here to see my opinion of the most visually stunning and thrilling movies I have ever seen.

You wanna know how fantastic this film is? Check this out........a beautiful young lady called TV Carpio and her equally stunning voice....

This film is the definition of SERIOUSLY COOL.........This is young unknown Joe Anderson.

Good Luck to Across the Universe!

Sweeney Todd won the Comedy/Musical award (with suitable kudos to Steven Sondheim and Tim Burton), with Johnny picking up Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical.... ironic seeing as JD isn't bothered by awards!



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, cq!

Yes, anything goes for this blog carnival I'm promoting for Sunday Best today. Although the profanity allowance seems to vary, perhaps by host. I'm not sure. Bummer for me, but probably not for you.

Carmi said...

I am so sad that the writers' strike has reduced the Golden Globes to a mere press conference. It's as if the lights burn a little dimmer these days, and that just shouldn't be.

Thankfully we have you to raise the bar right back up!

kenju said...

CQ, I had never heard of that movie, but I will look for it. Haven't seen Sweeney Todd either.
Michele probably has.

CyberKitten said...

Best version of 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' I've heard I think.

Out on DVD *very* soon now.

chosha said...

Wow, that's quite some review. I must see that movie immediately! :) I'll let you know what I thought afterwards.

Walker said...

I haven't seen the movie but will have a look at it.
I don't watch the Golden Globes but have never missed an Academy Awards ceremony which is soon.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I haven't seen the film, but I remember you reviewing it after you and Cyberkitten saw it...(That is right, isn't it??? The memory needs a Boost! LOL) But I will check it out on DVD from Netflix...! I'm not a hugs Julie Taymor fan....LION KING--well, the first 10 minutes was great....After that....Not my cup of tea....BUT, STILL, I will check out this film because of what you wrote.

There is some kind of Irony in the Golden Globe Awards being treated with such deference....It's like a very small group of people and Back In The Day, it was stricly local right here in L.A.---Broadcast on a tiny channel...Everyone pretty drunk, and it was fun to watch because things were said back then that were No, No's....LOL! Now it is this Big, Global Deal.....and still a lot of fun....But, The Writers Strike is very very important and hopefully Management will get it together by The Oscars...!

Do you get the SAG Awards there? It's Actors voting for Actors....(I actually vote in that's one of The Unions I belong to....)

Anyway....I'm glad you liked my little cute visitor....And Yes, that is his color....maybe not quite as gold as that, but really cute and dear...Not scary at all!

Bob-kat said...

That last clip is very symbolic and the choreography was great!