Saturday, January 19, 2008


I woke up this morning, staggered downstairs, fed the cats, and switched on my laptop. Nothing new, usual Saturday. I've had a long fortnight at work, am fighting off a cold and can't face doing anything. It's early, and I am peering blearily at my screen.
The TV is on, watching Men in Trees recorded earlier in the week.

So nothing is new, nothing is different.

Then I open the comments box from 'Common Sense' to find the following message from my dear blogfriend David in California.

"go see Minerva, RIGHT NOW!"

Minerva, as most of you know, is a blogfriend in London who has spent the last couple of lifetimes battling Cancer. It was Minerva who inspired me to take part in the Race for Life. It is Minerva who is the strongest woman I have ever known in my life.

With a sinking heart I click immediately on the quicklink in my sidebar. Is the cancer back, are there problems with the family, has the cancer mestasized?
I am ashamed to say that all my instant thoughts are negative - Mr C is a devastating illness and Minerva has fought long and hard against him, but sometimes the Bad Guy wins...

Oh, I'm sorry - you want to know what she said on her blog.....?

Go here and see!



Mr. Althouse said...

Very, very good news!! Oh, and a nice set-up, but I'm afraid you gave it away... and that is perfectly all right! I've always been one to root for the underdog and whenever cancer loses, it's a good day.

Michele sent me and I'm glad she did.


CyberKitten said...

Good news indeed. I've just left my first comment on her Blog.

chosha said...

I read her news about 30 seconds before I got to your post, so I knew exactly the elation you felt - I was still feeling it when I read your words. It really is the best news I've heard in a long, long time.

Bilbo said...

Nothing like some good news for a change!

Carmi said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I just popped over to share my elation at the news. God works in mysterious ways: I think we've just witnessed another happy example of that.

Michele will doubtless be pleased, too.

Thank you for making this bitterly cold morning a little less bitter.

LadyBugCrossing said...

I went. I saw. That's fantastic news!!

Rest up.

Melli said...

Isn't THAT the BEST news EVER??? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne said...

I just left a comment at her place. Thank You for allowing me to start my day with wonderful news!

PI said...

Since I first heard about Minerva from your blog she has been in my prayers as I am sure she has been in many other bloggers. What wonderful news.
Michele sent me and I am so glad she did.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I had already visited. I thought it was fantastic!

Bob-kat said...

I went, I read, I smiled. Great news for her indeed.

BTW - the awards were given in no particular order. Just becasue you're purple and fluffy doesn't mean you don't roar on occasion! :) Also the lion is purple, how could you not ahve it?! LOL!

Terry said...

Dear Sweet Crazie Queen
When I saw Minerva's great news yesterday, I thought of you right a way.
You have been such a dear friend to her, almost like a beloved sister.
You have been the yarn that as woven together all of her commenters of whom have all become friends it seems.
I had to run to Especially Heather right away to tell her...Heather who herself got such good news a few weeks ago!
It has been a glorious last few weeks with so many answers to prayer.
Minerva, Heather, Bill's Judy, and from our Pilgrim Pal site, Pilot-dad who just this Thursday was declared cancer free and also the successful operation for my dear Dad Golden.
I am so thankful

Bless you dear and keep on keeping on yourself...I want to hear all about it when you are collecting sponsors for your walk....Love Terry

Ps It was so nice that David got a hold of you right away... He is a true friend to Minerva too!
So many people that love her!

Yay for Max!!

Anne said...

Good news!

you take care of yourself, I barely have my eyes open myself, it's been a long week.

Michele sent me.

Surcie said...

The word "awesome" sure seems appropriate!

Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend, cq!

Nikki-ann said...

Fantastic news! :)

~Easy said...

Hi. Michele sent me.

I went to see Minerva and pass on some well wishes. Last month my step-uncle passed from cancer of the throat and liver, so It was good to see positive outcome.

David said...

doing a very long play version of the HAPPY dance ( not worth watching, but it FEELS so good! )

Minerva said...

Oh CQ,
I am not brave at all, just refused to change my life at all..but enough of that.. I can't thank you enough for all your support and kindness over the past year...

I am so hopeful now, so optimistic and just so goddamn happy and so much of that is due to you and your support..

Take very good care..


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Anonymous said...

look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

sage said...

thanks for all you do to lift spirits and raise awareness--I'll head over to Minerva's site to read the good news. Michele says hi

rashbre said...

Hiya cq, good news indeed across at Minerva's. And you have been a good supporter for Minerva. Here this time via Michele's!


David said...

is it too early to start planning Min's 50th birthday celebration?

I would like it to be a big, blow out bash, with live music, bowling, Karaoke ( for you ) and a re-enactment of the last battle that Mr. C ever had and lost in her marvelous womanly body.

see what the palace staff can arrange.

David said...

leek and potato soup?

save some for me

Michael Manning said...

CQ: I too admire Minerva to no end and will go over to her site now!