Sunday, May 09, 2010


Diets are a curse, but sometimes you do have to look critically at what you eat and change your lifestyle.
I have long standing eating issues that date back 12 years or more, and they have been brought into sharp focus since I gave up smoking a few years back. My problems are so bad only my doctor knows how much I weigh and he is not allowed to tell me.
I am a strict vegetarian and fickle with it. I hate yoghurt, loathe brown bread and reject wholewheat pasta and brown rice. I hate eating nuts and pulses in food and some vegetables should just be banned. I struggle to eat at work and can't do breakfast at silly o'clock. On the other side of the coin, I eat junk food at night.
So, just how does someone as fussy as me diet?
First of all, train my stomach to accept food at work, somewhere I definitely do not eat. I have to start small....
Breakfast - a pack of BelVita breakfast biscuits and a glass of fruit juice.
Lunch - cereal bar and fruit juice
Dinner - same as before, but smaller portions, less fat and not followed by chocolate!
Weekend lunch - more robust, but rules apply.
Rules - no chocolate (except that teensy drizzle allowed on cereal bars!), no snack foods (crisps etc) and 30 minutes walking at least three times a week.
It's been almost week now....Wish me luck...


Melli said...

Darlin' I am wishing you not only good luck but a BLESSED EVENT! A GIFT from our Lord! A HEAPING HELPING of WILL POWER! And a minor dose of LESS FINICKY! :)

Ladybug Crossing said...

CQ -
Good luck my friend... changing the diet is hard, but you'll do great!
Chocolate is the enemy... Be strong!!

Sleepypete said...

... makes note in diary : "reminder to ask CQ if she's lost weight"

... makes several of them :-)

You're just fine the way you are CQ but if you need to lose a little weight to feel happier, go for it :-)

PS I think the Teacake Plan has helped me ... Instead of grabbing a few biscuits on my way out the door in the morning, I've got conditioned to Teacake Hunting.

Bob-kat said...

Good luck Hon. I'm doing the same thing and it's hard. I am not banning chocolate or crisps though. Just incorporating them into my diet and really asking myself if I am hungry when I want them, rather than bored or stressed. If I cut these out entirely, I know from past experience that I crave chocolate like mad and end up bingeing.

Nikki-ann said...

Good luck! I think if I had to go on a diet I'd be stuck with rice and lettuce leaves as I'm already not supposed to have lactose or wheat and even the dentist has told me not to drink fizzy drinks.

Anonymous said...

i hate diets - i keep wanting to find some way that will be a life-style change that will make me miraculously thin. but I'm always hungry!