Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Before, After and Arabella

Charlie Cat has a toy he loves - in fact he loves it so much he disembowelled it...repeatedly!



So today I saw a replacement and bought it while I could! Charlie is so picky with his toys, but he is very attached to Lil Lello Mousey...
Oh and Arabella is doing very well!
I want her to put on some green before exposing her to my garden....she has got big enough for her own pot now and she is growing some lovely new leaves :-)
Still no clue what she is going to grow into - but isn't the secret of life in the unexpected?



Nikki-ann said...

Mika & Leo have a similar mouse... Heck, that have loads of toy mice!

The plant is looking good :)

Anonymous said...

i think Arabella might be an aquilegia or columbine ... she is very pretty!

Mar said...

Arabella grew gray/white hair way too early. A sign of stress?
Your plant looks lovely!

Melli said...

I think I would have purchased about 10 Lil Lello Mousies... he looks verrrrrrrrry well loved!

And Arabella is beautiful... you are doing a SPLENDID job of keeping her alive!!! I'm sO proud!