Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ay to Zee of the Crazie One

Age – a worried 40

Booze – Not a lot, allergic to wine, don’t like beer or most spirits.

Career – Civil Servant alongside Aginoth – my area of expertise is Red Tape!

Dad's name – John

Essential Item to Bring to a Party – A Smile

Favorite Song(s)/Music – Everything from Amadeus Mozart to ZZ Top. Don’t like modern dance music though – just white noise!

Goof Off Thing To Do – Play with my cats

Hometown – Thornbury, S Glos, UK

Instrument You Play: None enough to brag!

Jam or Jelly You Like: Raspberry Seedless Jam and Lemon Curd

Kids – None – cats instead!

Living Arrangement – Still happily living in sin after 20 years

Name of Best Friend – Paul…and Pam...and Dave...and Bella...what can I say, I can’t choose.

Overnight Hospital Stays – Some – couple of road accidents and abdominal surgery

Phobias – Rodents, Clowns, Lifts, Heights, Closed Spaces – I’m just a nervous wreck

Quote You Like – There’s no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer

Relationship That Lasted the Longest – With He Who Must Be Obeyed – 20 years

Siblings – 3. Two brothers. One sister

True love, ever had? – definitely

Unique Trait – Quality Sparkle – I’ll be referring to that sometime….

Vegetable You Love – Carrots

Worst Trait – Shyness – overcompensated for by dominance

X-rays you've had – Some. Mostly spinal

Yummy Food You Make – Cheese risotto – love it. HWMBO hates it, so I have it when he’s away :-)

Zodiac Sign – I’m a Dragon


silentmum said...

Nice to see this up and running. Whenever are you going to have time to update this?? what with puss1 and puss 2, HWMBO, his cars etc, the crazies, training for skiing (which by the way you will either love or hate- I loved) and my conselling sessions??
By the way, I am Bella, aka Silent Mum due to the fact I always seem to get really busy jobs and can't chat as long as I wish....that and the time difference of course

Aginoth said...

CQ will find the time Silentmum it's addictive this blogging lark :o)

WV: tnkelp - variety of metallic seaweed

Mary P. said...

Which leads me to a question I've had for some time: "Why 'craziequeen'?" Am I right in assuming it has something to do with the "crazies" silentmum refers to?

And don't tell me you lot over there are succumbing to the Americanized "zee", leaving us (older generation) Canadians the only ones who still say "zed"!

Aginoth said...

Theres a Sci-fi newsgroup on the works intranet, those of us who tend to not be so serious ended up being known as the Crazies by the more serious minded members of the group, theres about 7 of us :o)

CQ is the moderator of teh newsgroup and claimed teh title craziequeen, also known as Bagpuss ;o)

Aginoth said...

oh and we still say zed , never zee {spits} :o)

craziequeen said...


Aginoth - that's *my* story.....

Mary P, when we were at one of the social functions, one of the more serious minded members referred to us TV Sci Fi watchers as 'The Crazies in the Corner' - as mediator I sort of became Craziequeen - Queen of the Crazies :-)

I only said Zee 'cos I know it hacks off Aggie [wink]

Silentmum - nice to have you aboard, sweetie. Kiss my god-daughter goodnight from me.


Aginoth said...

sorrrrrrry...{slinks away crestfallen and suitably admonished}


Juggling Mother said...


Don't you you come into my house wielding your blasphmous pronunciations at my impressionable children!

I spent two years teaching Mr A to say aeroplane, & you are not going to ruin them anymore than a Bristolian accent already is:-)

craziequeen said...

But, but, Mrs A.....I'm a Posh Chick! I can enunciate with the best of them :-)

[skips over memory of teaching beloved god-daughter 'Blimey o'Reilly!' - well, it's better than most expletives! Silentmum had me deprogramme her! ]


WV - vzsexi - that's more like it....Very ZSexy!

silentmum said...

As a honorary crazie who fell into the corner, we take great delight in disassembling the most rabid of the socialites- we love what we love but we are not anal......(trust me there are some people.......) of course, I am only speaking for myself. I teach my daughter zed, her school teaches her zee......we compromise and don't say the letter- I still say rucksack not backpack and boot and bonnet.......don't intend to change.

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