Thursday, September 29, 2005

Inanimate Hatred

I was wondering today, as I eyed my exercise bike sourly before reluctantly getting on and starting to - er - it possible to hate an inanimate object?

Because if it is - I hate my exercise bike. It's so smug, sitting there, and I hate every inch of it.

Or perhaps it's more that I hate myself for being weak? Or maybe I hate myself for being stupid enough to sign up for skiing lessons at the grand old age of 40!

But I did my exercises, and I had my fresh fruit for dessert, and I longed for a piece (just a little piece! just one piece!) of chocolate.......

So another day fades, and I have achieved my exercise regime - one day closer to my first Gold Star and one day closer to my Basic Skiing Proficiency.

Oh - did I not mention my Gold Stars? Silly Me :-) For my training regime I have two Consciences; one at home (He Who Must Be Obeyed) and one at work (My Pumpkin). My Pumpkin is armed with stars, of the Gold and Silver Variety, and each week I go armed with my ticked off training regime and My Pumpkin assesses my week's efforts and issues appropriate Starrage. So I get to earn Gold Stars. Don't be fooled folks, even us adults like to earn a Gold Star now and then, a pat on the back, a 'well done, old bean'.

Only 4 months to go and I can throw the bloody bike away :-D



blogwriter said...
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Juggling Mother said...

Hah, blogging for one day, & you get spam already

Hee Hee Ha ha

Turn on WV & have fun tyoing incomprehensible mixtures of letters every time you want to answer comments on your own blog!

Mr A asked special permissio to buy a cross trainer. It was reluctantly given after eliciting a promise that he would use it regularly, consistantly & get his money's worth. t moved rooms a couple of times, but he's never even stood on it! it's now over a year old.

craziequeen said...

Sorry guys, gave in and turned on WV.

I think it's a scream that I have to do it as well - I'm the author!

The much hated exercise bike? Guess whose it actually is??
Yeah - HWMBO.
And does he use it?

Mary P. said...

You get stars? Gold and silver? Really and truly?

Where do you put them - in the middle of your forehead, so all can know and admire (or deplore) your virtue and prowess?

When I went to the gym (ten or so years ago when I was single), I picked the best-looking "personal trainer" for my motivation. Six foot two, 190 pounds, built like a Greek god, and black curly hair, to boot. It was sheerest pleasure to hit the gym. :-)

(It must've worked, because I ended up dating him for a while! LOL)

craziequeen said...

LOL - actually, you've described one of the skiing instructors (who just happens to sit behind me in the office!)

I must check with My Pumpkin where she intends to stick my stars!

Anonymous said...

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