Friday, September 30, 2005

Glassy Stare

OK, I have now officially been on my new regime for a week. I have walked, cycled and strode up and down stairs. I have forsaken all those junk foods I love - and replaced them with fruit.

At this point most health nuts say 'oh, but it's great, I feel so much better for it!'........

To be honest, I am absolutely creamcrackered. Totally whipped - so much so that my bed is looking appealing at 9.10 in the evening. This is the life of a masochist - and I am attempting to embrace it!

Let's be honest - I like junk food! I like chocolate muffins, cookies and crisps. I like mint choc chip ice cream and custard (not together mind, but that isn't actually a bad idea!). I like fruit - but not every day.

Of course I could eat rice cakes (bleurgh!), or yoghurt (double bleurgh!), or those little drinky things (why do people drink those??). But why spend all that money on fancy diet foods when I can have a delicious sweet juicy orange :-)

To make matters worse, HWMBO has departed on a late summer jaunt with his mate, and this is usually when I treat myself to sweet things we don't normally have in the house. But I resolutely picked up monkey nuts and nectarines and about a ton of salad stuff from the supermarket shelves, with low cal dressing and low cal coleslaw.

According to My Pumpkin, who has awarded me a Gold Star for my efforts in week one, week one is the hardest. I smiled sweetly and agreed - all the while eyeing up the cookies in the kitchenette.

But I have not wavered, and I have not wilted. I have let no delicious chocolatey junk food pass my lips, and I have stubbornly exercised daily. Bring on Week Two!

As an end note - craziequeen passes on her love to Aginoth, who was admitted to hospital today for treatment (you can see all the news on Mrs A's Blog - linked). And craziequeen also confesses that, no matter how crap she feels, it probably isn't a patch on what Aginoth is going through.



Juggling Mother said...

congrats on making it through the week - I fell off the wagon once or twice, but at least I'm still clinging onto the rear axle with my fingertips:-)

Fruit just isn't the same. I like it. I eat it. But it doesn't DO anything for me.

Thanks from Aggie, he reckons he's going to mobile blog, so you may get updates - "nobody comes, nobody goes, nothing happens - I'm just waiting for cold tar"

CyberKitten said...

Apparently the term 'Junk Food' was first coined in 1973 - thought it'd been around much longer than that... Oh, and I actually like the taste of those 'little drink things' - and they are on Special Offer more often than not...

craziequeen said...

hi cyberkitten - HWMBO drinks them daily. I asked him how they benefitted him and he shrugged and said 'they're nice'. So I pressed him and said 'but do you feel any benefit from drinking them?' to which he shrugged and said 'they're nice'.

Well, it keeps him quiet :-)


CyberKitten said...

Sounds like a 'typical' male. I agree with him. I often have two a day.. They are nice - well the Rasberry one's are anyway. Haven't tried any of the other flavours. They are supposed to be 'good' for you but who knows (especially as 'they' keep changing their minds so often it makes my head spin). One can but hope - and keep on drinking.

Juggling Mother said...

Surely the benefit is that "they're nice". what more do you need?

Mary P. said...

I have no idea what those "drink thingys" may be. None whatsoever. Glad to hear they're nice, though...

craziequeen said...

Mary P, sorry!

The one we have here is Actimel.

Pro-biotic yoghurty drinks.

HWMBO slugs one back every morning.

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