Saturday, October 01, 2005

Visiting Hours

I took the evening shift of visiting with Aginoth. Reasoning that wife and mother would have provided basic sustenance, I went armed with his favourite luxury snacks (Tunock's Teacakes and Jaffa Cakes) and an armful of magazines to supplement his books. I also took him a Sudoku book and a stock of pens - cruel, ain't I??

Hospitals are really miserable places by nature. However, with another Crazie in tow, we passed a pleasant three hours discussing everything from God to the Simpsons. When we started comparing favourite episodes of the Simpsons, we decided it was maybe time to leave :-)

Aginoth's room is yellow - not only is it yellow but it is a horrible yellow. What on earth possessed hospitals to paint walls yellow?? I was in a nice sunny ward in 96 that was magnolia and a soft blue - why isn't that difficult??

He is housed in the old hospital (they ain't joking - built in 1733!) with walls about a foot thick and a definite 'former workhouse' feel to it. Being in the centre of a big city, the Infirmary is actually in three 'bits' (with a few sundries thrown in!) and it took us about ten minutes to work out where the bit was that held Aginoth. We finally ran him to ground in a windowless private room with a rattling aircon machine.

Although the city centre is a 'wireless' area (ie you can catch the internet anywhere) within the solid walls of the hospital there is not a whisper of a signal. Of course, you also have to factor in the six inches of paint on all the walls - we quipped that the room used to be 20' by 15' before 300 years of paintjobs!

Now we're debating what Aginoth can cover those horrendous walls with. A chuff chart was mentioned (where he can cross off his 21 days!), also using the hospital food was suggested (well, it beats eating it!).

All ideas will be passed to Aggie when I visit him tomorrow evening.



CyberKitten said...

I'll see if I can arrange some colourful SF/Fantasy posters for the poor boy - as least it might distract him from the puke yellow walls. Maybe a nice Buffy poster. I'm sure that would cheer him up - it'd certainly do wonders for me.

Olivier Verdin said...

Like Sudoku? Check out

Juggling Mother said...

mmmm, vampire Willow would do nicely, I'm sure.

I challenge anyone not to fancy her - I'd sleep with her & I'm neither gay nor attracted to Alison H in any way, but "can I play with the puppy" does it for me every time:-)

CyberKitten said...

Never a truer word said.... Willow was hot.... Willow as a witch was hotter.... Vampire Willow was positively incandescent..! Unfortunately though my Willow posters seem to be needed elsewhere.... Guess he'll have to do with Buffy for now.... It's a hard life - if you don't weaken....

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