Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Day in.......


I get asked to all the best places :-)

Actually I was helping out Mrs Aginoth who was left with nobody to help her with LMD, so we all three piled down to Croydon, leaving Mr A with A Jnr and LMB.
While Mrs A did what she does (teaches!) I was given care of LMD.

One small problem - LMD doesn't like me - actually she doesn't like anyone that isn't mummy.
But (and I did do my homework!) I knew LMD was usually content in her buggy, so rather hang around the class with a screaming child I told Mrs A I would take LMD out in the buggy and bring her back regularly for feeding.

Upshot - I walked the streets of Croydon for *6* (count 'em!) hours today. What I didn't realise was that LMD doesn't like the buggy stopping - so when I paused to cross a road, a familiar wail would set up.
'For god's sake child, I have to stop to check the traffic!'

So I walked for three hours this morning and three hours this afternoon, pausing as little as possible, dodging buses, cars, locals, phonecalling drivers (particularly the nut who was *so* keen to answer his phone he swerved up onto the pavement and missed me by about 6 inches!) and the local bum (complete with ex-shopping trolley stacked high with what was obviously his pathetic life's possessions).

And just when it seemed she was quiet and I could sit in on the class for the last hour, LMD started getting bored and vocal, and it was back in the buggy pounding those pavements!

At one point I asked Mrs A 'sorry, but what am I getting from this again?
Oh yes, of course - Love!'
She replied smartly 'and a free trip to Croydon! - what more could a person want?'

Two bonuses from today:

  • *So* much walking that I have met all my training regime requirements for this weekend - and probably half of next week too!
  • Mrs A's mother actually seems to respect me now - well, judging by the yelled 'They've got a good friend in you, I hope they realise that!' I modestly replied 'I think they do' and beamed. It only took four years :-)

Minuses from today:
  • I still *hate* London and I never want to see Croydon again!
  • I couldn't find the new Croydon Centrale Mall.....
  • My feet hurt.
  • I'm hungry.
  • The sound of LMD wailing will stay with me for a while....

A sign that intrigued me 'Croydon Curry Chef of the Year 2005' - I mean...........huh??



Juggling Mother said...

I love you.

thanx millions for your help.

NO other friend of mine has EVER been praised by my mother!

LMD is happily playing on the floor right now:-)

Sometimes I dream LMD's wails:-( Even when she's not actually wailing! At least you can hide out at home in the quiet for 24 hours.

I'd buy you a bottle of wine to get over the ordeal, but then I'd have to drink it for you;-)

Thank you, Thank you, Thanky you.

Aginoth said...

Was that really Mrs.A's Mother or was it some clone?

you're appreciated CQ >>>HUG<<<

craziequeen said...

It's nice to be loved - and it's also fun for me to spend time with you and the children.

As for Mrs A's mother - you could have knocked me down with a feather; she has always looked so disapprovingly at me. Perhaps I'll become her new 'best friend'? [shudder]

Mrs A - thank you for the wine, and the generous offer to drink it for me. Lochaim! Sometimes it's useful having a friend who's allergic to wine :-)

And as for the 'helping out' - anytime, my friends :-)