Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Out and About

Well, today was my monthly trip into deepest darkest Zummerzet to visit the other 'half' of our office - well, Yeovil.

Finally, the six month works on the M5 just south of our junction are finally cleared away. What Norman authorised major roadworks on a major artery to one of the country's biggest holiday area through the holiday season?
They have put in an interesting feature on the northbound carriageway. I was pleased to see a slow lane has been added (bringing the lanes to four) up a nasty hill, and scooted up the almost empty outside lane. Imagine my surprise when there were suddenly signs saying 'lane closed'. After swerving into the next lane I noticed the 'closed lane' consisted of painting diagonal white lines across the lane for about 100yds, pushing the traffic into the left hand lanes in order to get back to three lanes, which then merge back into the original Motorway lanes. Confused?? I was.......
Why not just put a merge on the new slow lane.........?
Just to balance the books, the M4 is now undergoing a 6 month works, also just off our junction east bound! Is it me.......?

Another unpleasant feature of my trips to Yeovil is the quantity of roadkill I have to avert my eyes from on the A road - today it was a pet cat, badger and a fox, not to mention various local vermin, birds and lorry tyres [chuckle]. And, being deepest, darkest Zummerzet, there is always the live animal transports. No respectable vegetarian likes to be next to a lorry full of miserable sheep or sad pigs. Just call me Softy....

On the plus side, my meeting went well - well, I only had one action which involved sending an email, so I could be there most righteous. I'm only really there because I am the walking talking reference to the rule book (see red tape in A-Z) and they find it useful to pick my brains. But hell, it's a day out of the office (ok, so it's in another office!).

Got the meeting done, felt ultra crappy [you know when you think you are coming down with something, but it just doesn't materialise?], so hit the motorway home.

Home, paracetamol, book, bed........ [snore]



Aginoth said...

The roadwroks from M% Junction 16 to 18 may be gone, but they're are a new set now between 19 and 20, a lovely 9 mile contraflow system !!!

craziequeen said...

Yup, I saw the cones all ready for placing yesterday....


Anonymous said...

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