Thursday, October 13, 2005

Big Day

OK, we don't get Trafalgar Day or any of the other remembrance days we have been asking for....

but today is 'John Peel Day'!!

I mean, WHAT? He was a DJ, that's all. I used to listen to him, but never thought he was anything that special.

Apparently there are concerts and tributes all over the UK, and even as far afield as Australia.

John Peel Day

Has the world gone barmy? Will we have a Terry Wogan Day when the Togmeister shuffles off his coil? Or a Dale Winton Day (everyone dresses in pink!)?



spindleshanks said...

i am happy to say i missed john peel day. anyway, i think he has a lot to answer for with home truths. he may have discovered all british music for past 30 years but that programme takes some explaining. and possibly a spell in purgatory.

Anonymous said...

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