Friday, October 07, 2005

Update Schmupdate

Let's see where I stand on my training regime - which is, after all, why I started this blog. It's two weeks today since I started.

Still training, still abstemious with my junk food. I treated myself to 1/4 tub of malteasers last night after my pizza, but could eat no more - perhaps I have reached the 'cleansing' stage of my regimen? Is there such a period, or is it a fallacy?

HWMBO is home tonight, so it's back to the oven/sink with the shackles on for me. Not all bad, though some might think so, as I do have long-standing issues with food and my eating this week has been sporadic at best. With HWMBO back home, I have to cook (and therefore eat!) at least one proper meal a day. Although I may reduce my own portions.

I managed two lots of training today and intend to move on ahead of my schedule - I see another gold star in the offing! I have also dialled my exercise bike up three notches!

Visiting Aginoth in hospital is of benefit to both of us, as I park about half a mile away (up and down a nasty hill) and walk briskly to and from the hospital, which adds to my regimen. When I go to the movies, I park the car at the cinema and walk (again briskly!) across to the Mall to meet people then walk back, rather than driving every last foot!

I am losing weight (I am pleased to say!). Not too much, but I can't be sure if that's the exercise and 'sensible' (mostly!) eating or whether it is down to the high dose of Prozac I am currently on.
Prozac is an appetite suppressant as well as being an anti-depressant, which helps with the binging common in depression.

Tune in next week for more updates on my own personal purgatory.