Monday, October 24, 2005


Here we go.........

1) I have written a novel. True - one of our annual assignments at senior school was to write a full novel. Mine was entitled 'I Don't Like Mondays' and was about bullying.

2) I am left-handed. False - I am right handed - except I eat left-handed.

3) I have been inside Buckingham Palace. False - yeah right, like they'd let *me* in!

4) I cannot swim. False - see 10

5) I have parachuted for charity. False - I was offered the opportunity whilst witnessing a jump for charity and refused. Scared of heights.

6) I have seen dead bodies. True - sadly, one small boy and one man.

7) My favourite composer is Holst. True - love the Planets Suite - especially Mars.

8) I am an electrician. False - although I am good at changing bulbs and fuses!

9) I have been on television. False - even though I wrote to Jim'll Fix It, Swap Shop and Tiswas.

10) I was captain of the school swim team. True - when I was in junior school, and I also competed against the lower senior school.

11) I have been in a film. False - I wish - one of my lifetime dreams.

12) I have been on stage. True - I was the principal girl in the local amateur dramatics' presentation of Rumpelstiltskin - the local Brownies loved me :-)

13) But I didn’t sing a solo. False - yes I did - two actually. I was cast for my voice, rather than any other redeeming princessly features.

14) I have been on television. False - only one person noticed the duplicate!

15) I was in the Army. False - the Army turned me down, but I ended up working on a barracks for 7 years and was treated like one of the 'family'.

16) I have never been to sea. False - ooh, tons.....I love boats. I have even been mackerel fishing in the North Sea!

17) I have seen aliens. False - neither the films nor the little green men.

18) I used to teach music. True - Occasionally when I was a nanny to a musical family, I used to stand in for mum and take the infant music class.

19) I have been a nanny. True - see 18

20) I’m a dragon. True - I am a dragon. Born in the year of the Dragon :-)

So the falsies were

ach! yer little liar!!
So no one was even close, not even my oldest friend! :-) Although dave and cyberkitten just about tied.

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Mary P. said...

I must've missed something. What's this all about? (Besides all the good tidbits about CQ, of course!)

Mary P. said...

Oh, never mind. I found it. It would pay me to look it up before I ask the silly questions. (I can hear my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Baird, who was a b*itch, even now...

craziequeen said...


I must start referring *back* :-)


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