Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blissful Sunday

It's a cold, miserable day out there.

My legs ache.

My back hurts.

My hands are sore from the buggy handles.

My lips are chapped.

But it is SUNDAY! Traditional Day of Rest for men and Busiest Day of the Week for women the world over.

Sunday is the day working women rush to get their laundry done by, so it's not hanging around when they start work on Monday.

Sunday is traditionally the day with the most ambitious meal of the week (we do like a nice roast here!)

Sunday is the day when the Man rests, and the Woman rushes around him cooking, cleaning, shopping and performing the usual sundry necessary daily tasks.

Is it me, or is Sunday like Christmas? I break up from work on Christmas Eve, having already purchased and trimmed the tree a week earlier, spent *way* too much money on luxury food items (well, it is Christmas!) and broke the bank on pressies.
Christmas Eve is spent hoovering and washing clothes, so that I can devote Christmas Day to attempting to cook Christmas Dinner for Two.

Cooking is complicated in our house. First of all I hate cooking and as a result am a 'meat 'n' potatoes' cook! I am a strict vegetarian (have been for over 20yrs) and HWMBO is a dedicated meat-eater. I cook his meat for him (distasteful, but I don't have to eat it) and make sure he eats sensibly every day, with fresh veggies, potatoes etc.
But every day requires cooking two types of 'meat'. One pot with real dead flesh for him and one pot with a meat substitute for me, separate utensils and everything. Only real hurdle is that I can't taste his food - so I do rely on ready-made sauces, so I know the basic flavour is ok.

So Christmas Dinner is turkey (in some shape or form - not usually the whole bird for one person!) for HWMBO and an attempt at something imaginative for me - which is where the plans collapse. Where there are lots of choices of bird for him (including wonderful stuffings, glazes etc) there are minimal choices of Holiday Fayre for me - unless I fancy nutroast (not high on my list of 'Yummy Foods'!) So I traipse up and down supermarket aisles and visit delis, desperately seeking something original (and more importantly TASTY!) for Christmas Dinner - and usually end up with burgers or shepherdess pie.

Is there *anyone* out there in blogland who has ideas for a veggie Christmas Dinner element, which goes with roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, stuffing and gravy?
It has to be faux traditional, as I'm a traditional girl, but easy to prepare with idiot-proof instructions....all I want for Christmas is a proper Christmas Dinner :-)



Mary P. said...

I have a girlfriend who's been a vegetarian for 26 years. That's a lot of Christmas dinners. I'll ask, and see what she has to suggest. (She eats fish, though: do you?)

craziequeen said...

ah, the newly christened Piscatarians.

No, sadly I do not eat fish, or shellfish.
And I am allergic to chillies, wild mushrooms, wild rice and wine!

I'm just awkward! :-)