Sunday, October 02, 2005

Inmate Aggie

I was surprised to see Aginoth's dubious mashed potato reappear tonight - masquerading as processed cheese! Same colour, same consistency! Yet another possibility for wall decoration! He declined the cheese, after testing it and watching his thumb sink through it - but I impressed upon him the need to keep the sealed pack of crackers. I also reminded him of the hospital motto 'always always hoard your butter - never give it back - you never know when you're gonna need a pat of butter!'.

I have now added My Cousin Vinny, Day After Tomorrow, National Treasure and Good Morning Vietnam to his DVD collection. Must be me feeling guilty that I won't be able to visit him for three nights this week.
In the pile for tomorrow, I have Hero, A Very Long Engagement, Manchurian Candidate (Washington version) and the amazing Man on Fire for Aggie's delight and delectation! Well, one can only watch so much terrestrial TV before signing on for a rubber room - and Aginoth is half way there with his yellow walls! :-(

To ensure his brain doesn't rot (what with the food and the yellowness of his environment) I have also donated a rather thick and difficult quiz book to the entertainment. Damn! Should have pulled out the answer pages! His eyes lit up when I pulled it out of the bag :-)

No work for me tomorrow (having craved a few days off) so I get another lay in [huzzah!]
I have perfected the art of detaching Charlie from my hair at 4am and going back to sleep! Not something I can do with HWMBO in the house. Of course, life would be easier if Charlie didn't eat my hair, but our late lamented Echo did the same - so maybe it's a kitten thing.



Mary P. said...

We had a kitten once, Custard by name (because he had "realio, trulio daggers on his toes"), who would wake you by kneading the base of your throat as you slept. Teeny little needle jabs, accompanied by much purring - and copious drooling! Urgh. Good thing he was so cute!

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