Saturday, October 29, 2005


I like computer games.

Not those complicated role-playing games that suck you in for a lifetime, but those little web-based sample games of downloads. Mah Jongg Quest, Tri-Jong, Cubis, Zuma, (and it's spawn Luxor), Chuzzle; little games that are designed to occupy a small amount of your time, and it doesn't matter if you have to go away - you can always try another day :-)

I mostly play on Zylom or Real Arcade.

Well, Real Arcade are the first to put out a web version of Cubis2! Cubis is a fun game, linking up cubes to form threes, clearing a board within a time limit, attempting to reach the fiendishly camouflaged star cubes, and I have been whiling away many a pleasant hour on it over the last few years.

Cubis 2 is even more fun. With dual coloured cubes and bombs (oh, I like the bombs!) as well as the usual osmosis cubes and grenades, this is a fantastic game. Also, to it's credit, the web version only has 20 levels (as against Cubis original which you can play past 100 - if you have the time!) so it is an excellent skill game that takes only about an hour to complete.
Perfect for us busy housewives! :-)

My current score for level 20 completion is 283,495 - but I intend to improve on that!

update - Cubis2 has two games - Arcade (score above) and Morph-fun (where cubes appear out of nowhere!). I am currently playing the latter and level 20 completion is 326,400 points! :-)



Beanhead said...

Here from Michele's

I play online games to. I play at yahoo because I am to lazy to look for anything else...:)

craziequeen said...

Hi beanhead - cool name! :-)

You should try Zylom or Real Arcade (they're linked in my post), there's some cool games in there...


Aginoth said...

I tend to play my puzzles on Puzzle Pirates :O)

Anonymous said...

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