Saturday, October 29, 2005

Teeth, TEETH

On the evening when Aginoth finds the first real tooth coming through on LMD, I return home and find that Charlie has finally broken through his fangs.

In felines, normally the baby teeth are pushed out by the adult teeth, but Charlie's baby teeth fell out freely and then it was a bit of a wait for his adult canines.

There it was last night, one broken right through and the other following on :-)

That should sort some of his behavioural problems. He has been in pain for some while waiting for his new teeth. One canine has been embedded for a while (ie nicely wrapped up in gum) and we have been keeping an eye on it.

Once the fangs are developing, then his other teeth should follow.

My Little Man is definitely growing up :-)

And the good news keeps coming - I got paid doubletime for last night's sneak attack on Mrs A. Two bags of Flying Saucers ( the currency acceptable to this babysitting service!) - I'm a cheap date :-)



OldLady Of The Hills said...

Hello, Michele says hello! I never noticed any baby teeth on my feline..Hmmmm. Maybe I'm just not very observent....
I hapened to read Mr. A's post where he thanked you for baby sitting. You are a very good friend, indeed!

craziequeen said...

Hi Old Lady :-)
Welcome to the Palace :-)

More like family than friends - which is why I only charge peanuts (well, flying saucers!)
The actual going rate is one bag of Tesco Salt and Vinegar Twirls and one bag of Saucers for an evening's work (sorting out the children, tidying up etc) but my new regime means no Twirls for me :-(

This dates back to when A jnr was a baby, then LMB came and money was tight, now LMD is here and sanity is scarce :-)


WV - lazezy. I think that could actually be a word!

Chatty said...

Hi there, Michele sent me. I had a dog who lost puppy teeth. I've not seen kitty baby teeth.

craziequeen said...

[chuckle] neither have we - kitten canines are teeny tiny and I think they've all gone up the hoover...

I didn't know they lost them (and I've had cats all my life). Charlie's the only cat I've had who's had trouble teething - usually we don't hear a murmur out of them. :-)


Aginoth said...

alas the tooth is still not through

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »