Sunday, October 30, 2005

Charlie Post

This is an unashamedly feline post about my Charlie.

This is Charlie!

Charlie has recently cut his new adult fangs, after a rather long wait, and he is a different cat! Those people who think animals don't go through teething are wro-ong!
His behaviour over the last four weeks has been frenetic and vicious - all down to the pain of teething. Now his 'grown-up' canines have broken through he is a whole different cat!
Of course, he still torments Pandora (that's his job as adopted little bruv!) but not as much, and there's less chewing on her! His own play is now more structured and less panicked. He isn't gnawing as much and is way more relaxed.
He is chatting more and is more loving and less jumpy.

Had to laugh just now - I went outside in the rain and he was jumping and crying at the door 'lemme out! lemme out!' - so I took him outside.
Two seconds later he was stretching back for the door squeaking 'lemme back in! lemme back in!'
Ah, my baby's first experience of proper rain :-)

His neutering is scheduled for the 16 Nov - B-Day! (Balls Day!) Once all that is over and done with, he is going to be a wonderful companion through the years.

Charlie is to be an indoor cat - my first ever. I don't wholly approve of indoor cats as cats are predatory by nature, and need to to be outside. But, having lost my precious Ambrose and little Echo on our horrendous road (2 of the 6 cats killed in the space of a few years in a 100yd stretch!), and given Pandora's advancing years, we have decided that, as long as we live here, they will be indoor cats. That being said, we have to watch them keenly for furballs and they will have to have their claws clipped regularly (luckily de-clawing is illegal here!). When Charlie shows a desire to graze, which cats do naturally, we will have to provide him with some suitable indoor grass.
In the meantime, he is accepting the fact that he doesn't go out, and only really kicks up a fuss if I go out without him!

But one question is bugging me - is there any way of disposing of cat litter rather than just putting it in the regular bin? I should call my recycling place and see if they have any ideas...



Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

Charlie - run while you can, getting "nootered" is not fun! - Knightly

Charlie, it will be over quickly and you will be you usual self in no time. You are very cute!

Lizzie & Firenze

aka The Monsters

PS. Mom doesn't know how litter could be recycled. She has to put it in with the regular trash.

craziequeen said...

Hey guys! I know, handsome devil, ain't I?

Thing is.....Pandy says they're gonna cut me - you know - me manly bits off.....I don't like the sound of that :-(
Is she being nasty as usual, or is she telling the troof?


~*Connie*~ said...

i have six indoor altered cats, and they use their preditory instincts on toy mice, on helpless cranberries, and on each other. I too have had out door cats and lost them, and now they are all indoors and they don't miss the out doors one bit. Yea, they look out the window, but I call that cat tv. If you really want to hone their instincts, you could always get some feeder mice and let them have fun with that :) (I've never done it, but I am aware that it happens) Besides, catching things in the wild is actually on the dangerous side

as for the bit removal.. I promise, after a few days, he wont even miss them.

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