Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Natural Wonders

The kind people at 'Research' are working so diligently on our behalf (and for their grants, of course!) to tell us about mid-life amnesia and that being bullied as a kid makes you a depressed adult (well D'UH!!). And the Scientists have made sure we now know (if we want to) that Santa and the tooth fairy aren't real, that every single snowflake is different and why rainbows are - well, rainbows.

My question is - are we running out of natural mysterious wonders and myths to wonder at?

And - do we remember when rainbows were just pretty colours in the sky with a pot of gold at the end, or when we didn't see the snowflake, but the opportunity to build snowmen, or we didn't see the human genome, just the baby?

Research, mythbusting - is this spoiling childhood for adults? :-)

Everyday there is a new research house or science magazine publishing results (some banal, some amazing) that make our world that little bit smaller.
And if/when all the mysteries of the world have been uncovered, there will still be the ultimate mystery - Faith.....



Juggling Mother said...

Oh, I don't know. People are very good at seeing what they want, and snow will always mean snowball fights, sledging & snowmen bto kids, however much they understand about the physics behind them. Anyway, I'm sure they can't ALL be unique - how do they know? What if there were only 7 billion different snowflake designs, but we haven't seen them all yet?

Plus, scientists might explain all these things, but we don't understand what they are babbling about half th time. So a rainbow is all about bending light through raindrops? Why does it only happen sometimes? Why does it make a definite arc, rather than multicolour the whole sky? Why are there seven colours?

Knowing how it is done has never shrunk the skill/beauty/wonder of seeing it. the same applies to nature, magic tricks and works of genius.

CyberKitten said...

Knowing the science behind rainbows takes nothing from their beauty.

Know how the Universe was 'created' adds to the awe that it works at all...

But a rose is still a rose, and a sunset is still a sunset.

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