Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Movies and Chocolate

Along with my precious felines, HWMBO, the cars, the crazies, blogging (and my hospital visiting !) - I also enjoy going to the cinema. This is usually quite an affair when I cry off cooking, get Pizza Hut and indulge myself with a tub of Malteasers in the film.

Tonight however, in due reverence of my current state of abstention, there was no Pizza Hut and, more importantly some might say, no Malteasers!

The film was History of Violence. 'oh goody,' I thought. 'Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris in a movie together!'. The film started 'oh goody,' I whispered to cyberkitten. 'Stephen McHattie, I like Stephen McHattie!'. Ten minutes later I resigned myself to the fact that ten minutes was all we were getting of the adorable McHattie. Then we lost Ed Harris, and my interest definitely started to wane.
The culmination was centred around Viggo's character's big brother Richie. Now, it was actually William Hurt sporting a goatee - but he looked so like James Lipton that I expected him to lean forward and say gently 'Tell me, where did it all begin for you?'.

Did I like it? hmm - good question. Being Cronenberg (famous for his horror flicks, I understand) it was gruesome and bloody.
But did I like it? I love Viggo (one of my fave films is 28 Days!) and Ed Harris is an icon.
But did I like it? Honestly? No. It was slow, almost lethargic. We got to certain answers long before the film seemed to reach there. And the sex scenes were fairly gratuitous.

On Thursday I am going to the flicks again - but this time I'm going to a film I know I'm going to enjoy! Pride and Prejudice was such fun I am going to see it again.
And on Thursday I will have earned myself Pizza Hut pizza and Malteasers - as it will be two weeks since the start of my training drive [drool].



CyberKitten said...

I was actually rather surprised when we trooped in... and you had your coffee... and... I looked again.. and your other hand was... well... empty... no, I repeat, no malteasers...

As to the film... Well, I was kind of looking forward to it. I'm also a fan of Viggo & Ed Harris... but, well... It wasn't very good was it? There was a time, for about 10-15 minutes when I thought it was a comedy... but so much of it didn't make sense... and the violence was unnecessarily graphic... and as to the sex.... Well... needless to say that it got nowhere near my DVD list... Slow? It was glacial...

craziequeen said...

And I hope you notice that not once did I lean over to root through the communal choccies bought by Gillybean :-)

I have to feel I have earned my treats - cheat tonight and I would've penalised myself on Thursday.....

Of course, the coffee was a given - be a cold day in hell when I give up my precious caffeine.....


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