Friday, October 14, 2005


OK, it had to happen. I haven't been happy for a while with my blog's name, and have itched to change it.

Why oh why didn't I think three weeks ago that 'craziequeen' was a perfectly good title?

I mean the blog is about me and my life, not necessarily my felines.

So this is now the craziequeen's palace! A place where crazie people can find friends and silly jokes - oh and stuff about skiing and cats!

I sent my mother the first page of my blog, to illustrate my new venture into IT. She said that blogging seems essentially narcissistic.

I wonder - is it narcissistic? Or is it a reflection of the loneliness of the modern technological age? Or is it taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity to put oneself 'out there' and meet new people?



Mary P. said...

What happened? I had a comment almost ready to send, then suddenly I was presented with a blank comment box. Did my old comment go somewhere? Will it appear here eventually? Or on some other blog?


Oh, Poo! I was saying dismissively. I'm tired of people scoffing at blogging. What is blogging all about? It's not such a mystery: it's exactly the same drive that has you wander down to your local pub at the end of the day, quaff a pint and set the world to rights with your friends.

Same thing, different venue. EXACTLY the same thing. The disadvantage to blogging is the lack of physical proximity, eye contact, all that good stuff; the advantage is that it can be done across time zones (the alcohol is always optional)!

craziequeen said...

Hope my rebranding didn't throw your comment out - anyway, it won't go anywhere cos catslifeuk isn't being used any more :-)

Mary P, I'm so with you on the drive to blog. It's the chance to chat, pass the time of day.

My mother says 'surely no one can be as interested as oneself (or one's mother!)'

But isn't it our differences (and our similarities) that draw us together?


CyberKitten said...

Alcohol is OPTIONAL...? Really....? (holds up bottle of ice cold brewski)

(Looks bottle straight in the 'eye'... Do you feel OPTIONAL..? Well DO YOU...? Punk!)

Heck... It's Friday night & I've just sat through 2 hours of crazy Russian 'movie-making'... Beer is Compulsory....!

craziequeen said...

[chuckle] who's been to see NightWatch then??

Thought the kitten and the weeble were quiet tonight :-)

Need beer? That bad??


CyberKitten said...

First time ever I've managed to watch a Russian film all the way through... though, for a Russian film it was fairly fast.... so it did manage to outpace a glacier... mostly...

Weeble (or BionicDwarf as he likes to be known) was struggling to stay awake through most of it & had problems with the 'inventive' subtitling... akll in all.... not that good.... Needless to say - neither of us are planning to see part's Two & Three.

craziequeen said...

[chuckle] - so glad I elected for a quiet night in :-)

And I apologise to BionicDwarf - too many handles flying around here!

So what's next at the movies?


Anonymous said...

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