Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Life, Sleep Deprivation and - Skiing!

Bit of a mixed bag here today, folkses.

Life - as I have previously mentioned my life is Boring with a Capital B. I have no children, no fun job and no real hobbies - I am a boring person. Hence my surprise when Aginoth nagged me to death about starting a blog. 'I'll have nothing to say!' - of course, since then I have discovered other blogs, blogthings and made a couple of friends in blogland [waves at Spindleshanks and Mary P]. So my blog is still evolving. It was to be about skiing - but I can only post 'done my exercises, 4 months to go' so many times before people turn off! :-) And I have quickly become addicted to blogging, posting a variety of things to gauge peoples' interests. Maybe it's time I restricted my blogging? But it's all new and shiny :-)

Sleep Deprivation - Charlie is a Cat in the Doghouse! He woke me up at 1230 this morning and then commenced walking on my head until I walloped him. Then he went downstairs and I heard the awful sound of falling ornaments. OK, that was it - 0115 and I was up and downstairs, fishing my very old and hard to replace china seal from behind the telly and checking my Pocket Dragon wasn't chipped (the dearest one, bought for me by cyberkitten in Cornwall to celebrate 5 days washing up duty!). Now I was up, it was a free for all. Charlie jumping on Pandora, Pandora swearing and jumping on me, me jumping on both of them.

Well, I made up for the ridiculous hour by catching up on last week's Lost, Grey's Anatomy and 4400. woo hoo! Lost - I was yelling at the telly (well, stage whispering cos HWMBO was still snoring upstairs!!) 'don't die, Charlie!' - being as Charlie is my favourite character (coincidence or what!).By 0430 I had run out of taped programmes to watch, so I turned on Discovery and Health to hone my birthing skills! I have spent many an ludicrously early morning watching women scream, squirm and deliver bouncy babies!Finally Charlie ran out of power at about 0530 and I was able to doze off in my chair until 0700, when I had to get up and go to work! [whisper] I was back home and in bed by 1130!

Skiing - not one to let moss grow, I went shopping armed with my e-voucher. I bought thermal vest and socks (always useful), skin gloves (excellent for day to day and under ski gloves), a nice neck warmer and 2 pairs of ski socks (posh thermalite ones as I am allergic to wool) and....

my 'FilmStar Hat' (as modelled by my delightful Assistant Frostie the Bear - who will be accompanying me in January!). It's such a lush hat for £15, couldn't really say no, could I?