Friday, October 21, 2005

Eternal Gratitude

You know......[muses]

Only yesterday I was saying to Aginoth and Kitty how blogging just wasn't working for me...

OK, so I'm impatient - it's not a sin..........oh hang on, yes it is! :-)

So anyway, today during lunch I switched over to Michele and thought I would play some of her games.

Well, blow me, I didn't get myself all tangled up in the Three Day Meet and Greet (what is it, 160 posts just today or something!).

As a result, I have 'met' LOADS of new bloggers, seen different blogs from all over, and had people come to see me too!

[sudden thought] jeez, I should tidy the place up - what will these visitors think!!

If you want to know about me - check out my A-Z.



CyberKitten said...

Told you so....

(pokes out cute Kitty tounge)

craziequeen said...

ugh! how common :-)


CyberKitten said...

That's me alright.... (purrs)

Juggling Mother said...

Wow, haven't you been a busy girl?!

I went over to Michelle's a while ago, but never quite found the time to play the game properly - It's on my To Do list:-)

I see you've had a linking explosion, glad to see I'm still there, but how come I get a yoo hoo? I'm not complaining mind, but just wondering.

craziequeen said...

Mrs A: dunno - set blogroller to notify me of updated blogs. I thought 'Updated' was a bit boring, so set it to 'yoohoo!' :-)

Lots of other games on Michele's blog - some are quick, some are rather long-winded! But I've found some cool new blogs :-)


retrospect said...

Michele's is how I think I met the majority of the blogfriends I have! Thanks for visiting and please come back again anytime! I enjoyed my return visit!

ribbiticus said...

welcome to the club! got hooked on michele when i stumbled upon it two months ago. now, i check back every weekend. cool blog and i see you like dragons. will check out more of your posts in the meantime. :)

craziequeen said...

ribbiticus- Someday soon I must remember to photograph my bumber stickers - they are *so* cool - and show me in my true light...a dragon person :-)

retrospect - thank you :-) I will be sure and visit Michele again. Probably make it a boring Friday lunch time pick-me-up! :-)


Anonymous said...

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