Saturday, October 08, 2005

Extreme Shopping

Not as glamorous as it sounds, sadly.

Further to my decision yesterday to go beyond my training regime, I decided to do the weekly shop on foot on Saturdays and Sundays (theorizing that splitting the shopping weight would make it more manageable).

So I slung Trusty Rucksack on my back and toddled off the very pleasant mile down the pedestrian alley to the supermarket. Our pedestrian alley is great, it runs parallel to the road, but is all bushes and ratruns instead of cars and smog. A great place to walk the dog, stroll to town or (if you are a feline) hunt!

When shopping isn't it funny how you rethink everything you take off the shelves when you know you have to lug it a mile home? :-)

'Do I really need two of those?'
'I'll do the fruit and veggies tomorrow'
'ah, this is reasonably light'
'don't they have this in a smaller bag?'

I remembered Aginoth's special munchy requests and even his Saturday paper - he hasn't seen the newspaper man in hospital for days!

So I packed it all neatly into Trusty Rucksack, and nearly fell over putting it on! Knowing I was being watched by Tesco staff, the Crinkly Brigade and various other paying customers, I carefully hefted Trust Rucksack onto my back without actually toppling over.

And started the walk home - what a walk! I think I misjudged my weights somewhere along the line. After half a mile I was reduced to a solid 'can't go back, must go on' plod. The two extra carrier bags with light stuff (well, the Saturday Guardian isn't that light!) even seemed to gain weight, and - of course - got in my way!

I decided to weigh my shopping when I got home. Of course, I neglected to remember that the scales are upstairs, so after lugging Trusty Rucksack home, I then had to haul it upstairs to weigh it (of course, the more observant amongst you might think 'why didn't she take the scales downstairs? Interesting argument and one I considered after lugging Trusty Rucksack up and down the stairs!).

2 stone!!!!!!!!!

I carried 28lbs for a mile, and was still standing - just! I was impressed - sod that, I was very impressed. It made up for the aching shoulders, the running sweat and the painful back.
I can carry 28lbs+ for a mile!!

If I can do that - I can ski ;-)

Tomorrow it's fruit and veggies, so my Trusty Rucksack will weigh a measly 15lbs or so...



CyberKitten said...

You know... you're taking this skiing lark FAR too seriously... (grin)

Oh, & I probably would've took the rucksack upstairs to weigh it too....

craziequeen said...

Ah, but picture the binging session I will indulge in on the 3rd February! [wink]


Juggling Mother said...

Congratualtions, and welcome to the world of the environmentally friendly (or B****d husband has taken the car to work again)

I walk to the supermarket a couple of times a week - a shorter walk I know, but I have to feed 5 on what I carry back!

Mstr A weighs 3 1/2 stone now (approx 25 kilos), & I still carry him around quite alot. No trusty rucksack for this heavy load though, he sits on my hip like children always have. How bad do you think my back will be when I reach the grand old age of, say, 40?

craziequeen said...

Probably about as bad as mine - I spent two years carrying Katie, who was encased in plaster from armpit to ankle and weighed four stone. Cooked with her on my hip, hoovered with her on my hip - while also caring for the other three.

Now I'm forty with that behind me and a spine further damaged by fibroids, I'm shot - which is why I'm so pleased to do such a simple thing as carry the shopping for a mile.....



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