Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome to It's a Cat's Life

Having been nagged half to death by Aginoth to start my own blog - here it is.

Isn't starting a blog horrible, the whole 'blank page' bit? [shudder]

This blog is intended to be a diary of sorts. At an advanced age, I have arranged to go skiing for the first time in my life. Luckily I am able to have the best instruction.
Due to leave at the end of January, now starts my fitness routine, so I don't go all girly on the slopes!! :-)

I bet you were all wondering what the 'Cat' reference is? Well, not being blessed(!) with children, I have two cats; Pandora (16 and a bit of a bitch) and Charlie (4 months and cute as a flea).
I am sure my animals will appear regularly in my blog.


Aginoth said...

Bout time too :o)

Knew you'd succomb eventually, it's a slippery slope from here to worrying about hits and statistics...

craziequeen said...

Well, I had to break under the constant nagging sooner or later :-)

Not worried about hits and statistics - that's a blokey thing!


Juggling Mother said...

Ahh, I knew it would happen eventually. Theres a secret chemical that gets blasted into your brain as soon as you start commenting on other peoples blogs, that makes you want to babble on inanely on your own;-)

Ski-ing - something I've always wanted to do, never found the time/money. Now I'll have to wait till the kids are grown up, otherwise they'll be better than me in no time!

Mary P. said...

Our cat is named Patches, 13 going on 14, and a persnickety demanding thing he is, too. But gorgeous, and of course he knows it.

Are fleas cute?

craziequeen said...

I knew someone would ask that!

Charlie is bouncy, jumps all over the place (even vertically if the mood takes him!), is annoying and has needle sharp claws - but is cute with it - hence the 'flea'!


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Carmi said...

Hi again from Michele's. I thought I'd shake things up a bit on this lovely Saturday by going back to where it all began. I find myself digging deeper into my friends' blog archives of late. It gives me more insight into these folks I've made friends with despite never actually meeting in person.

Kinda like a cool exploratory-type adventure!

Feel better soon, k?