Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gone Fishin'

While I was in Scotland, I got the chance to go out fishing with my landlady's husband.

Here is his little smack in the harbour - I have marked it with an arrow.

Two of us on that was 'snug' to say the least. But the little boat went like a rocket.

We headed up to the mouth of the firth, where the mackerel are, and settled down to a lazy afternoon's fishing.

The sky was blue, the sea was bluer. With perfect weather the sweaters and hats stayed in the cabin.

Mike ran two lines. One heavier for cod and bigger fish and one four hook lightweight for mackerel.

I'm always torn with things like fishing, being a raging vegetarian, but Mike was 'fishing to eat' and I was reassured by his responsible attitude.

[sigh] Idyllic or what??

We were joined for the afternoon by two petrels, keen for some discarded fish. They were so patient that Mike threw them a couple of mackerel, but they were beaten to the treats by a seagull! And then a Black-Backed Gull swooped over us to see what was going on - I had no idea how big they were!

Another visitor to the boat was a little female seal. She popped up, huffing and puffing but, despite Mike's efforts, she wouldn't approach the boat. Bad for me (no photo opportunity), good for Mike (seals indicate poor fishing - they eat all the fish!). Apparently, they respond to whistling, but she was firm in her resolve and disappeared.

One of the downsides of my daily walk along the beach was when there had been a seal-killing. With salmon nets in the firth, the fishermen have got into the habit of shooting seals looking for a free lunch. Instead of disposing of the corpse, they are left to wash up on the beach. I saw one this week. Most of the villagers abhor this tradition, but then again, they are 'in-comers'!

With this in mind, it was fabulous to see this little girl enjoying her life of freedom in the ocean!

With a good haul of fish (two cod, two coley and about a dozen mackerel), we headed back home.

and another walk down a gorgeous empty beach by the light of a setting sun, scudding clouds and delightful silence..........

More, there's more! But tomorrow, dear readers - tomorrow........




Good catch there! I wish I could fish too.

MysteriousLady said...

Oh that looks so grand! It must have been a wonderful day!

Your vacation must have been perfect!

Carmi said...

Even if I weren't fishing, something tells me that just being out there would be idyllic enough. Thanks for taking us out on the water with you.

rashbre said...

A great account. I felt as if I was along for the journey!