Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I am Content to Admire JD from afar:

1. I am essentially a boring person, I mean what on EARTH would we talk about - the price of croissants today??

2. He is notorious for being disdainful if he dislikes someone.

3. He probably wouldn't like me.

4. He has a BEAUTIFUL woman already in his life. Trust me, with Vanessa on his arm - he wouldn't want me!

5. Said beautiful woman bore him two children that he adores.

6. Even if I was in that position, I couldn't break that up.

7. I would be so tongue-tied I would appear foolish. I don't like appearing foolish.

8. I'm two years younger than him, but feel a million years older.

9. We would have nothing in common.

10. He loves playing practical jokes - I hate them.

11. Stalking is illegal in the UK.

12. The words Number One Fan have such a dreadful connotation, thanks to Stephen King - anyway, I'm probably about his Number 2,623,478th Fan...

13. It's never gonna happen, so I'll just continue to admire him from afar - well from a cinema seat tomorrow (yeehaw! We're going to Pirates tomorrow!!)

(I'm not obsessive - I'm suffering a bit with the depression this week, and Pirates is my focus. I mean; it was this or 'Thirteen Things about My Week' - I got to number three and felt suicidal (Suicide by Boredom!).... I couldn't submit you to that torture!)


The Shrone said...

Thanks for visiting my TT!

~ Stacy ~ said...

LMAO! This was by far the most chuckle inducing T13 I've read yet today! Thanks so much, CQ! [big grin]

Woo Hoo on Friday's premeire! Hopefully it will deliver you from the depression.

Have a grand weekend, CQ, and thanks for stopping by my T13!

YellowRose said...

You crack me up!! I bought our tickets for the movie already! We'll be in our seats Friday night! Can't wait!

Reverberate58 said...

Personally I am so glad it is finally here and we can move on to the next big movie! I am not a go to the theater kind of person. They are too noisy, too dirty, way too expensive (I mean for the price of 2 tickets I will be able to buy the DVD and watch it over and over again), too loud, and I always miss good parts because I have to pee! So you enjoy along with all the others and I can wait a few months. I am now going to go look at your WW again and sigh alot!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

AuntieM said...

JD is young enough to be my grandson, however I can dream...can't I? Dream on girl!!

My TT is up....Happy TT!!

Gail Martin said...

I did my TT about my week because it was all I could think to write about. It took some head scratching to come up with 13 positives. Now, I am going to dig around the house and see if we have a copy of the original Pirates. That will teach my husband to go away for the evening. He'll come home and I will be watching a hunk on TV.


I don't find you boring. Don't be a judge of yourself. I find you interesting.
Thanks for dropping by,

Lynn said...

Sorry you've had a rough week. Hope Pirates brightens it a bit;-) Great list and DD1 loves your WW! Enjoy the movie.

My TT is up.

Lyn said...

ok, UK, thanks for stopping by my American blog - so what cartoons were popular in Britain when you were young? Wallace and Grommit? lgp

Tracie said...

Lots of great JD action going on around here!!

I cant' wait to go see Pirates!!

Juggling Mother said...

You forgot the no.1 reason why you shouldn't meet him - he'd probably irritate the hell out of you, look like crap, talk total rubbish & act like a wanker.

Idols are best idolised from afar, they generally turn out to have feet of clay.

Of course, didn't some big famous 80's pop star marry his no.1 fan? She was the head of his fan clu. Talk about narcissm! (Aggie will remember who he was - I'll ask when he gets up). So there's always hope:-)

mar said...

You would most likely be disappointed if you met JD in person...Just saw "The Lake House"..hey, we could double-date: you can have JD, I would be happy with an evening with Keanu¨*sigh*

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You can write about our Johnny all you want and always accompanied by pictures, please! I'm with you on everything except, I'm old enough to be his Grandmother!!! I LOVE Younger men...alkways have and always will!