Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Well, you all asked for it........I have lifted another couple of photos, seeing as Aginoth hasn't posted them........ :-)

Entertaining our Lord Hungerford is so exhausting......

....and all fall down.....!! :-)

And in other news - my ancient car failed its MOT, but the good news is the old girl only failed on her handbrake. 'New shoes' will sort that.

And I have found a new 'blog' can visit it here. Let's just say we are in excellent company! But, what a shame! They seem to have turned off the comments option!!

{links in bold, as ever}


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA that is more like it!
Definately bawdy

Now we all know that a "pair of shoes" cheers any woman up!

Off to peruse the blog

Killired said...

you've just been pimped!


mar said...

I read in the paper that he was going to add some video clips from his everyday life to make the blog more exciting (huh?), but they didn't share the link. Little did I know you already had it :)
Nice pics,cq, what's the guy on the very right doing on the second pic? is he shaking his head or just going "oh, well", lol