Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pimped, Tagged, Photo'd and Passed.....

Wow - what a wondeful couple of days here at the Palace!!

First I get pimped.....blimey and I invented blogpimping!! my little Pink Princess. What an angel she is and what lovely things she always says. Hugs to my Killired and best of luck for the last couple of days of her NaBloPoMo....

And I was tagged by my
Rosie - another Princess amongst bloggers.....quite a challenge, the A-Z of Me.....although I did this a while ago, the options are different on this one, so I'll do it - I promise, Rosie darling..........ooh, and pop over and wish my Sweeeeeeeet Georgia Rose and her Big D a happy 23rd wedding anniversary for tomorrow.

dave at
Bit of This Bit of That seems to think the photo of me at the mediaeval banquet below was my www photo debut - it isn't - can anyone remember how many photos of me have appeared on this blog?

My old heap passed her MOT second time around - yippee!! I'm legal!

Finally on this cold and rainy Saturday afternoon........

And in this world of 're-imaged' classics, I am so pleased to be able to play a true original......and the 'new' version on the '
Love' album is absolutely terrible compared with the simplicity of this:


Deanna Troi said...

Amazing footage! That's class.

Michele sent me here.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Woops! Forgot I was in 'Deanna' mode!

srp said...

Here from Michele.
After the Nor'easter of this week, we finally and I mean FINALLY have sunshine and the temperatures are back into the 60's. Of course this means that my sinuses will go nuts in overtime when the next low comes through.
Today - big football.

Moogie said... have definitely had a busy time of it! I love that shirt. Maybe I should have some made up for Blog Fodder (grin).

I came on my own this time. :)

Dave said...

I moved to wordpress some time ago!

Anonymous said...

Pimped and tagged in one week!!!!
I have only seen two pics of you inc the last one.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm guesing...but to my memory in this last year...there were two pictures of you...Well, one for sure...In your Ski Duds...before your trip during the winter...and I am pretty sure there was another one in Silouette..from Cornwall...Could be more but I cannot conjure them up...! So that would make three that I know of...including the most recent one... "LOATH" 'Love Actually' me why, my dear...?

Love this can understand the words and everything...Ahhhhh when everyone was so young....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oooops...Today, I'm here from Michele, my dear Queen!

Anonymous said...

I would challenge you that you invented "blog pimping" Queenie... because I have also done pretty long posts about my favorite reads... I'll have to find the first one I did and see if it pre-dates yours. Muhahahaha.

Barbara said...

Hey CQ - Killired is a sweetie, isn't she. The medieval picture is the first picture I've ever seen of you on your blog.

mar said...

Awww, what a great tune for a sunday! made me remember why I found George soooooo cute, way back then.
I remember a pic of you holding a huge baby.
Happy sunday, cq. I am still a business widow, the wild days will be over on wednesday :(

Le laquet said...

I would say that it's 4 pictures ... last one, one on a harbour and one of you with long hair and the "holding the baby" pic. 4?

Hey 41 days!!!!

Carmi said...

You are blessed in so many ways. And so are we for being able to share in the ride with you.

I loved the spirit of this entry. You always manage to inspire with your words.

Popped by from Michele's. Back again momentarily.