Friday, January 26, 2007

stupid STUPID Blogger!!!!!!!!!

Forcing me into switching.....telling me everything was fine nothing was going to change.....I didn't even WANT to change......

And my feckin' profile is wrong!!!!!!!!!! How feckin' basic is THAT change!! And I can't even leave a COMMENT as myself!!!!

I am NOT my cats............!

Well, I am for blogging reasons.....but NOT here......

Stupid, STUPID I'm gonna have to spend hours working out how to put this right!!

[copies and pastes into email, sends to blogger]

update: ok - changed the profile to something more 'me' for now - except the Britcats also now have me as their profile.......!!

Update 2: CRUD!!
'A single Blogger account can only have a single profile, so if you have multiple blogs that need different profiles, you may want to put them on different accounts.'
Yeah right, like 'nothing is gonna change' - it's gonna take forever to sort this out, work out what to do - tempted to just bin the lot.

[yep honestly. me]


Bob-kat said...

Now that's what I call a personality crisis!

I switched without a hitch, but then I only had the one blog. Some things did get a bit of getting used to though.

Hope they sort it out soon for you!

Kristi Mantoni said...

I just saw your count up clock! Good job!! My husband and I are working on it!

Barbara said...

I didn't have a smooth transition either. I feel for you.

Judy said...

So far they haven't made me change (knock on wood). I don't wanna....

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

OY VEY!!!!
What a horrible mess, CQ!!!
I haven't changed and am waiying until I absolutely have to....VERY VERY HORRID this whole business...My Computer Wizard used the word Beta the other day in reference to some new thing...I asked him..."What Does Beta Mean????"
He said: It means it's still in TEST format....!!!! I mentioned the Blogger Beta thing and he said, "They want you to switch so they can use your feedback on what doesn't work right, so that they can then fix it....!"

I will have a BREAKDOWN if I switch and it goes wonky on me....!

You poor dear...!
I send you BIG HUGS!

Juggling Mother said...

It's oficially "new" blogger now, not blogger beta, as it is out of the beta testing stage. Makes you wonder what they tested!

I switched too now it lets me. Now it keeps trying to make me change my template, whilst reminding me that this will mean I lose ALL the changes I've made over the past 18 months. Year, right. Like I want to do that!

I should have gone to Wordpress - but didn't want the hassle of changing URL's everywhere. It's too late now as new bogger does not import into WP apparently:-( This is how they get you......

Good luck sorting it out. I suggest you email back saying that they SHOULD allow different profiles on different blogs held by the same blogger, as I can imagine almost everyone wants that!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I agree with Juggling Mother. Wordpress should have been the answer.

Pearl said...

That single blogger, single profile thing is a real design flaw. They track you too, cookied so you can't even seen to be able to logout and create a 2nd one.

Cin said...

Like what you've done with the place (apologies, it's been a while).

I feel your pain though. After working with the new blogger for a few months, I opted to move. I wish ya luck with it all!

keda said...

i know!!! thay did that to me too.

so i can't post as the lets on their site without exiting my whole google gmail account and starting again each time.

and my profile went and loads of other stuff.

it's taken me weeks to get back to some sense or normality.
nut finally i get to use labels and have a link to previous posts etc.

grrrr. good luck sweetie.

and i hope you feel better soon.