Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wow Effect!!

Bobkat posted about an advert that caught her attention.

Oddly enough, my visually favourite advert is for the same product - kudos to their advertising company!!

Sony Bravia
This TV ad - featuring massive paint explosions - took 10 days and 250 people to film. Huge quantities of paint were needed to accomplish this, which had to be delivered in 1 tonne trucks and mixed on-site by 20 people.
The effect was stunning, but afterwards a major clean-up operation was required to clear away all that paint!
The cleaning took 5 days and 60 people. Thankfully, the use of a special water-based paint made it easy to scrape-up once the water had evaporated.
Keeping everyone safe was also an important factor. A special kind of non-toxic paint was used that is safe enough to drink (it contains the same thickeners that are sometimes used in soups). It was also completely harmless to the skin.



Juggling Mother said...

Thanks for the details. I love the ad, but have worried about all the paint splattered all over the environment;-)

PS - if you REALLY want a face, I have spare ones:-)

Anonymous said...

I like this one too, but I think I like the super balls in San Francisco better. Maybe it's just because I'm familiar with SF...

Michele sends her best,


Anonymous said...

BTW: I stopped smoking almost 10 months ago! Keep it up, the hard part is over now!!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sometimes, adverts are over-expensive!

Anonymous said...

They are great adverts aren't they :-) I love that they don't use CGI as I think you can't beat realism in film and television. Of course CGI has menat that film makers can do so much more and it has it's place but I do think it is over used.

I found a spoof version of the superballs one that ahd me grinning like a loon!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot!
Man o man the work involved to clean that mess up :)

Thanks for posting the video.

Michele says hi.

kenju said...

That was beautiful, but I can't believe all that paint - even if it was non-toxic.

Michele sent me.

CyberKitten said...

bob-kat said: I found a spoof version of the superballs one that ahd me grinning like a loon!

LOVED that one - with all the fruit & veg. Very funny.

sarch said: Man o man the work involved to clean that mess up :)

I think that the site was going to be demolished. As far as I know no clean-up was required. That was some *serious* performance art I thought!

craziequeen said...

The Glasgow estate was 'semi-abanoned' and since then the flats have been demolished but the high rise is still there.

The clean up of paint happened, although traces could still be seen by visitors.


Carmi said...

The first time I saw this, I swore it was CGI. Thanks for reaffirming the magic behind the final production.

What an incredible and amazing achievement.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

FANTASTIC!!! I've never seen this one before, either! I LOV that part where the whole building appears to be covered in a progressive rainbow!!!
Isn't it odd that Bravia doesn't show us these Ads here in the fact, I do not remember ever seeing one single Ad for this TV by Sony...I am deeply impressed by the imaginative way their Ad people come up with these fantastic Ads...Thanks to both you and Bob-Kat for sharing these with us here across the pond....!
MORE, please.....(lol)

Anonymous said...

I love that ad! I just saw it at the movies last week for the first time. I also get to now be the clever bod in the group who knows all the cool facts about the paint and stuff next time we get together for movies. :)

Juggling Mother said...

The estate is all gone now, but I guess Toryglen will live on forever in YouTube:-)

Melli said...

Oh my goodness! Well your description had me so intrigued I HAD to watch it! That is FABULOUS! WOW!