Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All Over the Place

I'm a bit discombobulated at the moment.

It's my birthday at the weekend. I was planning to go to a medieval banquet for my birthday but the stunt riders are otherwise occupied, filming 'The Duchess' with Keira Knightley.

Now the plan is to go bowling and have a meal for my birthday with the gang.

My father is still in hospital and will probably be there for another week, maybe two. He is still in high-dependency ward, and we are still waiting for the results of his biopsies, so that's all up in the air and we are walking on unknown ground.

I am very tired and was supposed to be at Aquafit tonight, but a bad tummy has kept me at home.

I have just found out that MB has to travel to Scotland on my birthday.

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, for the results of my blood tests and a 'how're you getting on these days'....I hope he notices I have lost 4lb in a week!



Melli said...

FOUR pounds in a week??? Whoooo hooo! You GO Queenie Girl!!! Goodness... that's a lot in one week!

Good the Dr. visit is BEFORE your birthday - so you can go bowling and FEAST with your friends without feeling guilty!

Have fun!

Your dad is in my prayers!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck in your appointment..

I went bowling over a week ago. It sprained my leg!

Carmi said...

I find it interesting that fundamentally good people often seem to be challenged the most. I don't know why that is, but it ticks me off all the same.

I'm praying for your Dad and praying for you. As our son celebrates his bar mitzvah this weekend, I will think of you celebrating your milestone, and I'll hope that despite MB travelling, you find a way to uniquely mark the day.

You deserve only good things.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, it never rains, but it pours, as they say!
That is quite lousy about MB having to be away for your Big Day....One more thing to test one's resiliency...
Glad your Dad came through the surgery okay...NOW, let's hope the news is good on the Biopsies...
Been thinking of you and hoping that your father is okay, and you, too, my dear!

rashbre said...

I suppose the stunt riders absence and so forth should be used as an excuse to take a few extra days for birthday time over the coming weeks.

It sounds like you have been having a tough time and so a few excuses for unwinding will be a good way to recharge.

best, rashbre a fellow scorpio.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Wow, what a week. I hope your Dad is feeling better soon. It's so hard to have them in hospital...

Happy birthday!!

Dawn said...

I'm sorry that things are so tough right now hon. It sucks that MB has to be away on your birthday, and obviously with all the worry about your Dad too, it can't be easy.

Take some time to do all the girly things that a female is entitled to, such as a bubble bath and a glass of chilled wine or juice, listen to some of your favourite tunes and relax with your closest friends.

Happy Birthday honey!!