Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Variety and Spice

Few bits and pieces for you all today..........

Still poorly - back on the Prozac and Vitamin B, struggling with the usual stomach aches and killer headaches while I get used to the chemicals which help me survive miserable old dull winter.

All my life I wanted to be Popular. You know, Popular with a Capital P, like the pretty, blonde, skinny, perky girls at school. I had to wait over 20yrs but - finally I am Popular - see Barbara's blog here.
Apparently, the sweet Barbara has done some addition and division.....and even a bit of long multiplication.....to work out who are popular in our little bit of the blogosphere - and I came second......after the lovely Lazy Daisy! Whaddyerknow!

My bestest mate Aginoth has not been blogging of late, he's been poorly. But now, he has said he is back in the blogosphere and blogging like the Aginoth of old - just slower 'cos of his arthritis. Go visit, say hello :-)

Hearing something on TV struck a chord. Son of Legendary Rockstar said:
"Dad calls it 'Happily Unmarried'......."
Dad chuckles
"Mom calls it [-pauses for effect-] 'Waiting'.......!"
Yep - my life mirrors the life of Shannon Tweed, un-wife of rock giant Gene Simmons, just without the money, the house, the Hollywood lifestyle, the rockstar partner and the two fabulous kids..... [chuckle]

I may shout at her and curse her when she gets all clingy, and get annoyed when she gets under my feet or wakes me at 3am - but everyday I give thanks for one more day with my little old girl, Pandora - 18yrs young (85+ in cat years). We' ve had her since she was a small kitten and knew her mum-cat when she was pregnant - so Pandy is extra-special. Long may she stay this side of the Bridge.



.:mar said...

yeahhh, cq!!!!!

David said...

your kitty is beautiful

Dawn said...


Well we all knew you were popular anywayz lol, so no surprises there :P

I absolutely love that you watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels lol. Jeff and I watch that ALL the time. Nick is just a STAR! Lol. Shannon I love cuz she's Canadian, Sophie has spunk and an attitude I love and Gene is just ... well ... Gene lol.

Nikki-ann said...

Pandora is looking good for her age :) Very cute too!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's one relaxed cat!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Pandora is soooo very pretty, my dear....And she looks like a Young Girl! Dear as she can be, I know.

Sorry you are struggling in these winter months, my dear...I hope you get everything under control there, medication wise....!

And CONGRATS on being such a Popular Blogger! That doesn't surprise me at all....!

Haven't seen you about my place lately---though you may be lurking, and I don't know it....
I send you Big Hugs, my dear, and lots of good thoughts towards feeling tip top, soon again.

Terry said...

Dear Crazie Queen...In my eyes you ARE popular because you got so many of your friends to visit sweet Minerva!
It fills my eyes with tears when I see so many people that have come with such encouraging words from your palace to visit Minerva.
Your palace has more love than all the fancy palaces in London!

I just love that Pandora.
Yes, treasure her all the time.
My Sir Galahad lived to be very old and I still miss him!
Poor kitty, the last thing I said to him because he was making noise while I was talking to Dad Golden on the phone.."Aw you be quiet Galy!"
That very morning I lost him!
Almost five years ago and I STILL miss him everyday!

YOU are popular with a capitla V for very and P for popular!!..You are a VP...from Terry

Bob-kat said...

My Bob is the same age. He can be a right pain int he bottom some times with trying to trip me up on the stairs and other fun things that keep him amused but I wouldn't eb without him for the world. Outside of being related to someone, he is the longest relationship I have had!

Just checking in to see how you are Hon. I hope you are doing okay as I have been trying to contact you at work. Take care.

Barbara said...

How's it feel to be one of the cool kids?