Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Step (Updated)

OK, to summarise the story so far......

Emotional crash on Thursday
Crying jags
Paranoia fuelled by cancelled birthday plans

But I'm not one to wallow. I've had this problem for long enough I know what is happening and I do know what I need to do. But it's just getting the 'umph' to actually get up and do something.

I know I have to do everything one step at a time.

Yesterday (up since 2.30am):
Step One - got dressed (didn't manage it before lunchtime, but 'dressed' is good).
Step Two - looked on the internet for some form of gentle exercise locally to help with the weight problem.

Today (up since 3am):
Step One - managed to get dressed before 10am (quite an achievement as I have been up since 3am)
Step Two - went to the Sport Centre to enquire about Aquafit (aqua-aerobics) times and prices.
Step Three - said to the lady at the till 'See you later'.
Step Four - WENT TO AQUAFIT! [puff pant] Ol' cq got a couple of gold stars - one for sheer effort and one for being able to hold my breath the longest. I was pleased I managed the whole hour.

Step One - get dressed before 7am.
Step Two - go to work.
Step Three - go out with the gang to celebrate bionicdwarf's birthday with munchies and movie.

btw - BIG LOVE to the wonderfully supportive Naomi over there in the Hollywood Hills for her encouraging and loving email.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Go back to Step Four, CQ

Melli said...

3 CHEERS for STEP FOUR!!! WHOOO HOOO! Take the camera! Get some pictures! SHARE with us! WE will WHOOP and HOLLER and cheeeeer you on!

Congrats on getting through steps 1-3!!! :)

Nikki-ann said...

Enjoy the Aquafit classes - Sounds fun :D

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Step Four...Bravo! Bravo! Enjoy that Aquafit....!

You are so very welcome, dear CQ...anything I can do I'm glad I can do it, though it is from afar. If I lived closer I would go out to movie with you all, too! (lol)

David said...

it sounds like you are making progress, I toast you, friend.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

CQ...those clips of Lena Horne are sooo sooo great! I hope you will be able to go back when you are home....Two are from her 1981 One Wo,an show(FABULOUS) and the third clip is from a DVD of another "LIVE" Performance she did in a Supper Club in NYC in 1994, when she was 77! It gives one hope, I tell you...!(lol)

Walker said...

Small steps make for big leaps in time.
Keep it up