Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearts and Flowers Party - Day 2

Well, well, you all seem to have had a lovely day and here it is, party time again! In the true style of the English weekend!
Welcome to my party - any excuse for another new dress!
Tonight's food is a sumptuous selection of delicious finger food...

If you fancy a drink, in addition to the purple champagne we have champagnes of rainbow hues... Purpletinis...
or a purplerita...The tables are laid all ready..right down to the purple heart confetti.....and the centre pieces are a delight of flowers and candles......To follow, we have a selection of chocolates, strawberries in tuxes anyone?
Or, if they are too exotic - just dig into a bowl of purple hearts...
And, of course, the cake - a chocolate piece de resistance from our chef!

Nigel and Fiona will be happy to wait on your pleasure and Michael and Josephine will be on hand to help out.

This party is turning into an all night and day event! Nigel? Fiona? Restock the tables and get more bubbly from the cellar!
Everyone; Enjoy your evening/day at the Crazie Palace!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, dear CQ, it looks like I am THE Party Animal of the group....I stayed overnight at one of the Glamourous London Hotels....The Lanesborough--It has been many many years since I was there....But..I figured, it would be easier than going back and forth across the Pond....
ANYWAY....The Food, once again, looks absolutely Scrumptious! I am not quite ready for it just yet---Still digesting that FABULOUS English Breakfast....! (And my inner clock is STILL on L.A. time....) Sooooooo.....I will cavort about all the lovely rooms and see who all has arrived now---

Juggling Mother said...

mmmm, those tuxedo's are georgous!

I thought I'd ramp up my atire today, and have popped an a rather stunning red ballgown. Now, who can I find to fill up my dance card.......

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well....I don't know where everybody is---Even YOU, CQ....I haven't connected with you once!
Maybe you have been off having a! Well, it is VALENTINE'S DAY....And I guess, it isn't anymore, over there.....Still.....I'm still ready to "PARTY"....Oh NIGGGGEEEELLLL?

David said...

I am so glad that Naomi is keeping Nigel "occupado" so I can freely flit about the palace and stuff myself with all the yummy treats.
Purpleritas for me Fiona! but only a few, I want to be awake for all the nonsense later on.
This is such a lovely idea, Thanks CQ!

swile67 said...

I came over from Old lady and am so glad I was invited to this party!! What fun,esp. nigel! You should see my party frock tonight!! Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!

David said...

im lounging on a couch, or am I crouching on a lounge?
must have been some mushrooms on the pizza? oy I am having such a 1970's flashback!

Mar said...

Oh, cq dahling! you really know how to throw a party! I made it back from my holiday just on time for this wonderful event. Although it is very early, it's always time to party so I'd love some champagne of rainbow hues...! off I go to mingle, looking for some goodies to eat!

craziequeen said...

You all seem to be having a great time! :-)
[waves glass] Nigel, fill this up, please.
I'm sorry I was away for a while, but coupley things beckoned :-)

Naomi, I was so sorry to miss you, I looked every where for you, but, oddly enough, I couldn't find you or Nigel.....[snigger]

Mrs A - did you snaffle all those tuxy strawberries?!? :-D

Swile - beautiful frock, my dear! It really suits your colouring.

David, you look so relaxed on that chaise long.

Mar, it's lovely to see you, I last heard you were roaming the gardens with a champagne glass in one hand

[slurps champagne]


David said...

can't sleep, someone slipped some medication in my medication. Rather than worry I'll stroll about the grounds and see if I can capture a hedgehog.
So glad Mar is here, much more fetivious that way

tweetey30 said...

I am just heading to bed again in real life but this virtual party looks great. I love all the purple esp your dress.

rashbre said...

Hey cq; great to see you! *Mwah* *Mwah*

Wow! its looking good here! your gown is sensational...and that hat! Phenomenal!

Sorry we are a bit late arriving. We were over at Paradise by way of Kensal Green and asked the driver to stop for a couple of the hungry folk to grab some early morning beigels on the way here. Our DJs and the party frocks seemed quite unexceptional amongst the early morning revellers at the Brick Lane Bakers.

Anyway; great band, great guests, great food! lets party some more!

rashbre said...

..and just moving around amongst the guests... its great to see Naomi over from L.A. And staying at the Lanesborough as well. A rather special hotel to make as a base camp. There's always a few Bentleys parked outside and that rather nice conservatory to take some afternoon tea as well. Of course, Naomi is also planning to pop over to the Dorchester to see a few of her show-biz chums!

I don't think I've met the lady with the stunning red ball gown before, but she's certainly enjoying the music and has some interesting moves!

..and Mar with the usual jet set tan from a mix of hot countries, ski slopes and the shores of the mediterranean!

David's found the magic mushrooms and is 'shroomed' as we would say. Best to leave him in that darkened corner for a while with the toy lizards.

And that the swing band playing purple haze? How unusual.

utenzi said...

Netchick sent me over to see you, CQ.

The party continues? Wow! I'd be happy to have some bubbly---but please, no purple. The blue looks quite lovely though. So nice of you to have me over.

kenju said...

Looks like a great party! I'll have the strawberries with tuxes and some hors d'oeuvres! Tanya sent me.

Nikki-ann said...

Oooh, that food and champagne looks delicious! *tucks in* I hope everyone;s having a good time!

craziequeen said...

[inches through throngs of people glass in each hand]

Nikki! You made it! Hope you're enjoying those tuxy strawberries!

And Rashbre - how wonderful you could drop in, and you are looking so smart...not bad considering you've been out all night!

[hands Dave glass of blue bubbly] here you go Utenzi, no worries about driving home today!

Judy, so fantastic you have made it - hope you get some tuxys before Nikki-Ann scoffs the lot!

[hands out pink and green champagne]

What a lot of guests - too many people having too much fun to clock in.. :-)

psst - has anyone noticed Naomi and david sleeping off their excesses in the corner over there. They look so peaceful!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Everybody dig in the food...hey! save some for me!

NetChick sent me.

David said...

where are the kitties, I miss mine so! I could really use a couple hand-fulls of fur. Yes we did get a bit tipsy, I thought that was allowed, now where is my robe?
( wiping sleep from west coast eyes)

Carmi said...

I zoomed over from Tanya's to thank you for making this shindig. I can't stop looking at the colors of the drinks...I know, I'm a lush :) But seriously, they all speak of the happy times we share when we get together and just chat. Although I can't be there in person, I feel as if I am with you in spirit.


David said...

Oh, Carmi, always with the zooming! when will you slow down a bit?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ahhhhhhhh! I've had a lovely rest and am now ready to "PARTY" Once Again!.....Is it possible to get a little bit of Breakfast Nigel? My personal time-clock is all tuckered!
CQ...This is such a FABULOUS Party....and here we are in the third day....! (Well, my time clock says 10:48 AM.....)
Ahhhhhh Dear Dear Nigel....You certainly have made this a memorable weekend for me, Thanks To The Queen....! I'll be out in the Garden, my dears....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well...I guess that party is Over!
"..It's time to Call It A Day..."
CQ, you did a MAGNIFICENR Job of making us all Wwlcome and giving us such Beautiful Food and Dribk--LOVED all The Purple---My Favoritye Color, too....Especially the Purple Wrapped hocolate Hearts...I pigged out on Everything, and it was SOOOO Good to see Nigel, once again....He certainly is an accomodating!
Thanks my dear, for making this Valentines Day 2009 So Very Very Momorable!

Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal said...

Oh my gosh! That is such a wonderful party! Lovely dress and of course lovely food. Ooohh this is definitely a beautiful Valentine party!

joared said...

Oh dear, I've come too late to the party! I know we've never met, but Naomi said this was the place to be and I really tried to get here. She's told me so-o-o much about Nigel and what a sweet thing Fiona is.

My dear, you just would not believe the trials and tribulations I experienced crossing the pond. Unbeknown to me this new pilot I hired for my smaller jet has an aversion to flying. Halfway across the ocean he became disoriented and the plane began losing altitude. We were circling downward toward the water and he told me the only way to correct the problem was to jettison all our luggage. Well, there went my lovely ball gown, shoes and face -- you know, makeup. I get very emotional even thinking about my loss and can't even bear to tell you the rest of my sad story. Sob! Sob! I've been around the world seven times and truly, this is the saddest story I've ever told. Snuff! Snuff! Perhaps next year my fortunes will change. I do wish you only the best. You're probably not even here, now, -- off to Venice, Paris or Rome, I suppose. Ta Ta, I'm heading home now, by ocean liner.

rosneath said...

Oh, I am s-o-o late but just as well, my dress looked awfully like crazie's!!

David said...

i awoke in the wrong time zone, happily exhausted from chasing all those delightful snacks around the room ( Fiona should slow down a bit for mature folks like me)

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