Saturday, February 28, 2009

Off to Market we go...

Today the Aginoths and I headed north to visit the International Living History Fair, a market event aimed at those people whose hobby is time travel, from Romans to WWII fighter aces and everything in between. Stalls groaning under the weight of armour, swords, sheepskins, replica guns, fabrics, pottery and wooden goods filled the hall, enticing people to spend more money than they intended!
People roamed the hall in costumes from medieval wenches to Tudor gentlemen in high-topped boots.

It's a lot smaller than it used to be, but was absolutely heaving with people wanting to find that special purchase ready for the new season.

I had my 14C shopping list:
a new cup (to replace the one smashed in a rainstorm in Italy)
bells (for my belt and pouch)
brass needles
iron needles
leather (for shoemaking)
awl and leather knife
material - linen

I managed to get most of my list, except the cup and the leather knife. I also splashed out on a nice new authentic straw hat (in hopeful anticipation of some sun this year!) and couldn't resist some little bags of sweetness from Angela's Pantry.

I know I am not going to be taking part until after my surgery and recuperation but I decided to spend the interim teaching myself to make shoes and to sort out my wardrobe and knock up some new dresses.

There's another re-enactors market in a couple of weeks, where I can pick up a new authentic cup, so no worries there. Mind you, I always spend too much at these things so I'll probably pick up a few extra bits!



Carmi said...

There's something calming about preparing for something treasured even when something stands in our way.

I often clean my bike and buy new doodads for the season long before the last snows have melted. I know my time will come soon enough, and there's catharsis in taking the first steps toward reconnecting with that which makes us even more whole.

As ever, your journey is an inspiring one. I'd join you if I lived closer...imagine the photo opportunities from such a market!

Carmi said...

Where are my manners? And my memory, for that matter? Tanya wanted me to send you her best. She's a big fan of yours, too.

David said...

<----- this little piggy can not go to market but I am spending my dollars on concert tickets... woo hoo

Chris Mathieson said...

NetChick sent me...

Those sorts of markets make me wish that I was still blacksmithing; I used to work at a Living history museum and was both blacksmithing as well as doing hand-set printing. Good times.

Now it's all guns and body parts; the museum world is fascinating...


rashbre said...

I like the idea of time travel; even if its simply backwards. The idea of buying for the 'new season' seems interesting too!

I hope you'll be publishing some pix along the way as ypu start to construct the shoes!

And today I'm here via Tanya's.

David said...

how are the Aginoth's? Do tell them I said hello.

Tell them Netchick says hello also.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That sounds like a wonderful thing to do while recooping--Learning to make shoes! And how impressive that will be when you are able to retuen to the re-enactments!
Jolly Good, my dear!

Bob-kat said...

It sounds like you had a very productive visit last week. I'm glad you got to go :)

Next on the agenda: TORM!

Netchick sent me over this time Hon. She knew I had somehow missed this post!