Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Do Spiders Get Car Sick?

I have a pet spider. He lives behind the wing mirror on the driver's side of my car.

Every night he spins a fine web across my wing mirror and to the window and windscreen and every morning I break it. I drive to and from work and then, when the car is quiet, he industriously spins a new one.

I see him now and then, but today I realised he was hanging onto his silk for dear life banging around in the turbulence. I couldn't stop quickly because I was in traffic 'well, officer, I had to stop 'cos my spider was dangling dangerously from my wing mirror' - yep, I can see that going down well. So I kept a constant speed and watched my spider out of the corner of my eye.
Finally, he reached a sturdy silk thread and scooted up and into his safe haven behind the mirror.

I like my pet spider..... I'm glad he got home safe.....



Fizzy said...

Ahhhhhhh what affection you show towards your pet spider...pity my daughter did not show the same amount of affection to our pet kitchen slug when she stood on it the other morning at 6am ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ph Me Too! I can see how you could become very very fond of a spider that took up residence in your car...I know a man that had a pet spider in a dish near hos chair where he worked...And he had been there for two years!! Amazing little creatures!

Le laquet said...

Yuk! No, he'd need to be re-housed :o(

Melli said...

Awwwww.... that is very sweet! But I think your spider is a "she" and not a "he"... the way I understand it is, only the females spin webs! (it could only be certain species... but I DON'T think so!) We always have spiders at this time of year out on our porches -- and they spin and spin and spin their webs... the only ones I ever mess up (on purpose) are the ones that block the back door! She's NOT catching ME!!!

rashbre said...

The one in the picture looks a bit large to be cute. I've also noticed spiders making webs around the car. I think they work out where light attracts bugs and presumably mirros are one source.