Saturday, October 21, 2006

More yawning

Yet another sleepless night. It's only 5.50am and I've been up for over two hours already. I feel like crap, so I am sending you, sweet readers, to see Keda, my cool mamahog over in Istanbul.

If I were in the 'perfect post' thing, this would be a contender.



keda said...

that was a suprise. thank you!

i'm sorry you still can't sleep darling.
how frustrating. maybe you need to do some tree climbing and monkey bars to get some more sleep enducing oxygen in your body.
take care darling.
and i hope rest comes soon.

CyberKitten said...

Not good. Insomnia is a REAL bitch isn't it. Fortunately I don't get it that often or that bad. Big Hugs to CQ.

kenju said...

Keda is totally right! I don't know what is wrong with people anymore, unless they are afraid of being sued and that is why they want to deny recess games in school.

Michele sent me, CQ, and I hope you get some sleep!

surcie said...

I've come to wish you sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes have days like that. Its amazing how quickly lack of sleep can run you down, I hope you get some shut eye soon!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Paul said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my place today. The suggestions you gave me for "Adding a sender" to my address book are not options on my shiny new Dell. Believe me: I looked and looked. Thanks for trying.

I went through one of those sleepless nights this past week.

Ahphelia Paine.

Paul said...

Hi again. Sorry to bother.
I figured it out!!!!

Open the e-mail, right-click the name in the From line and select "Add sender to contact list."


Thanks for offering to help.

Paul said...

I'll share ice cream with you anytime.

Brony said...

So sorry to hear that you still aren't sleeping.