Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Ten

This is the new meme doing the rounds, created by my very own FizzyDuck!

Tell me 1 piece of information about yourself that I really should never know
The only bones I have broken are my toes, and I have two permanently crooked toes to prove it.

Tell me 2 colours that you would never ever ever wear
I loathe beige......and yellow makes me look ill.

Tell me 3 things that you love to eat
Only Three?? Pizza (Vegetarian, of course), licorice, mashed potato (not all together, of course!)

Tell me 4 things that you would never ever serve to a guest at your dinner table
Shellfish, whole animals (poultry, pig etc), veal, anything I know they don't like....

Tell me 5 things that keep forgetting to buy from the supermarket
Since my memory is so bad, I have to make a list now, so I remember everything.....

Tell me 6 things about the Autumn that you love
It's cooler,
some nice rain,
beautiful colours,
it's pay raise time (usually!),
it's time to start preparing for the Crazie Holiday,
Charlie (MB says he's Autumnal!)

Tell me 7 things that you value about your family
Not my family, but the people in my life on a daily basis (my Crazies);
generosity of spirit,

Tell me 8 things that you like to watch on TV
7th Heaven
Eastenders (more habitual than actual desire!)
Discovery Atlas

Tell me 9 things that you loved about school
There wasn't anything I liked, let alone loved, about school.

Tell me 10 of the little things that you love about life
The smell of new-mown grass,
the sun dappling through trees,
my cats stretching and yawning,
watching charlie playing with his many toys,
spending time with my Crazies,
my blog,
all my blog friends,
an unexpected hug or kiss from MB,
being thanked,
fresh fruit (yum!)

hmm - that was difficult.......



Anonymous said...

What good asnwers.... you did well not mention "that holiday" until number 6!!!
what happened to the flying saucers?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I will have to try looked very daunting when I saw it over at Fizzy's...And I knew it would be time consuming, too...BUT, I think it is a wonderful WONDERFUL addition to the 'MEME' Genre! (lol)
I truly do think that, though...
And I just LOVE your answers my dear CQ...! (You left out Boston Legel...Did you give that one up?)

Le laquet said...

See, you did it! And it's Saturday ~ woo hoo!