Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Love TV

What am I watching and loving at the moment?

Huff - I am mourning this show already, as I have been informed it has been cancelled.

Hank Azaria - absolutely brilliant as the confused mid-life crisis beset psychiatrist, Huff.
Andy Comeau - inspired as his tortured schitzophrenic brother, Teddy.
Oliver Platt - yet another brilliant performance as the over-indulging lawyer, Russell.
Blythe Danner - the most incredibly beautiful woman playing an 'old-money' woman coping in modern times.
And surprisingly....
Anton Yelchin - stunning teen actor holding his own as Byrd, the confused son of Huff struggling to maintain his own identity.

NCIS - we discovered this recently on FX (our new regular satellite channel) - so it'll probably be cancelled, if it hasn't already.......

Mark Harmon - a comfortable actor, familiar (if you check you'll remember Chicago Hope, if you don't it'll drive you potty!), playing tough Special Agent Leroy Gibbs.
Michael Wetherly - remember Dark Angel? He probably does, being as he was Logan in another life.
Pauley Perrette - I can't help feeling this is the new face of TV, a wonderful intelligent beautiful woman with a sparky sense of humour, who, in reality, has a degree in criminology.
Cote de Pablo - exotic name for an exotic beauty who plays magically off Wetherly.
Sean Murry - just a nice looking young man you want to take home to mom.
David McCallum - something England does well...he was Illya Kuryakin in Man From UNCLE a million years ago - but still looking pretty good!

And another one to watch - Discovery Atlas.
Just seen the first of this series on China - very, very good. Not denying their history but using it to illustrate modern Chinese society. Next week, Italy!



CyberKitten said...

Only watching 'Spooks' and 'ReGenesis' at the moment.

Looking forward to the return of both Stargates & Battlestar Galactica.

Fizzy said...

NCIS is on a Saturday evening on 4 or 5 just before CSI and Law and Order. It is a good show. Last nights was particularly good.

I am staying up towatch this Shane Ritchie thing on 3 and wishing I hadn't but not going to bed as I need to know how it ends!


It's good we don't have those shows here. It is difficult to be addicted to a certain program and all of a sudden it's gone.

Shelli said...

I hate when they cancel shows that I like. Just because some people don't like them, doesn't mean that no one likes them.

Le laquet said...

I am watching Afterlife ~ very scary ~ House, Grey's Anatomy and *coughs & looks around to see who's listening* The X factor.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wrote SHOWTIME, the original Producer of HUFF and told them that canceling this show was a HUGE HUGE mistake!!! Do they care what I think? NO!!!!! I am very very pissed off at them for canceling this brilliant-in-every-way show....I'm so glad you feel the same way CQ....(((What Were They Thinking???? UGH!!!)))
I just love the writing so much and the ACTORS...Oh My Lord! ALL Superb....
(And when you get to the second season, if you are not there yet...someone you like a lot is going to be on the show....No, not JD. TS!!!!

Bob-kat said...

It really annoys me when they cancel good shows and yet mindless drivel seems to go on and on and on.... It's the dumbing down of TV.
I for one could go without reality TV shows and Soap operas!

Fizzy said...

X Factor!!! You admit to that!!! WOW you are brave

Jean-Luc Picard said...

NCIS is on Saturday night on Channel 5.