Monday, March 06, 2006


You know........[thinks]

yeah, it's ok, come closer..........that's better.........

You know, I was mulling over a few blogging ideas for today, bits of this, bits of that, perhaps a couple of Monday Memories.

Then, while cruising my blogroll, I made my usual first stop at Aginoth's blog (warning, he has disturbing photos on there today).

Let me tell you a little bit about Aginoth. He's a few years younger than me and we met at nursery school; him with Agi Jnr (then a baby) and me with Boo doing one of my taxi days for silentmum.
We chatted for a while, as parents/godparents do and I wandered off thinking, what a very nice young man.

Soon after we started emailing at work and home and he was made a Crazie (it's a painless ceremony, honest!). I met his lovely wife and they welcomed me into their already huge family. I was away when LMB was born, but was one of the first of the Crazies to see her. I was among the first to see LMD only days after her birth too.

I look after their children whenever they ask. It started as a vague offer and as time went on and the children grew to trust me I made the open-ended offer of free babysitting to help out - baby-sitters can cost a fortune just for a night out!
Actually, it's not free. It costs a bag of Flying Saucers (sherbert filled rice paper) for an evening. Two if it's a late one :-)

We holiday together, we play together, we cry together, we torment together. Aginoth and his family have been the family I lost at an early age to pride and prejudice.

One of the first things Aginoth did for me, which I rarely permitted in those days, was he gave me a 'Huggy Hug'. A big, enveloping hug. A hug which scared away all my demons of depression and self-loathing. Mrs A does a mean line in hugging too :-)

And now, my Aginoth, my brother in all but blood, is suffering and there is nothing I can do to help. I can email, I can blog and I can text. I can visit, but I know how he feels about how he looks. There is no magic wand I can wave to make him feel better. I can't even hug away his demons.

I love you Aginoth.

And I love Mrs Aginoth.

And I adore your children.

Here's to that phone ringing - even if it does lead to the windowless yellow room....and as before I will be there every day I can, boring the shirt off your back! I will bring you treats and sweets, books and dvds, sit with you and admire the nurses and dream of when we will have our next Huggy Hug.



Debby said...

I made my first stop by there today CQ, and did my best to bolster his spirits. I hope he gets what he needs soonest!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh what a sweet post dear CQ! I will stop by Mr. A after I leave you! I hate that he is having such a terrible terrible time...It's no fun at all! What a good dear friend you are, my are the Aginoths! I send HUGS to you and to him and I will tell him that in just a moment!

Dave said...

You are a top class friend!
Could you be a wonderful person to me and tell me what this song is that is playing. The woman has a voice to die for?

silentmum said...

And you sorely missed...even as a heart is with Aginoth. Am suffering from pompholyx at the mo- my hands are sore, itchy and stiff...pales in comparison to Mr A- to whom I send extremely gentle, non abrasive , cotton wrapped hugs. By the way, watched the Oscars on Sudday, Sandra Bullock walked on and Boo yelled- it's CQ!!! How come she is on TV and I'm not- well CQ, your answer is?? Many big hugs from us, really tight squeezy ones today, rib hurting, breath eliminating hugs with showerful of kisses

WendyWings said...

I just got back from Mr A' place I am going to shut the hell up about the basal cell carcinoma on my head now because well bloody hell poor guy.

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