Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Memory

How about this for a Monday Memory? A *future* memory! :-)

Tonight my Line Manager took me out for dinner to say 'goodbye and thankyou'. We took a couple of girls from the office that I particularly wanted to treat, K and N.
My Line Manager greeted me at her hotel with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers - in my fave colours too!

They are now in my equally gorgeous purple glass vase :-)

And K and N presented me with the most thoughtful present......see?

It's a scrapbook, started by them with the sweetest opening page. Pretty cat stickers, lovely bold colours, a little presentation (the pale green bit) based on an office award certificate (very clever!) and the girls have written in it too! I'm going to fill that book, and treasure it.

We went to the Siam Harbourside in Bristol, as it was my treat and I LOVE Thai food! (ps thanks Aginoths for introducing me to Thai!) The Siam is fantastic. The food was generous portions and SO delicious, the delicate flavours of the Thai recipes came through with no harsh overtones that you get with Chinese food.

I had my usual :-) Battered vegetables with sweet chilli dipping sauce, followed by vegetable sweet and sour. For pudding I had the most un-Thai chocolate ice-cream dessert with cream and chocolate sauce and chocolate covering..........[dribble]...oops -sorry! :-)

Topped off with a delicious Russian coffee (thanks for driving, K - that coffee was something to behold!). The waitress trundled out a little trolley, complete with dozens of bottles of booze, coffee, cream and a little burner! She heated the alcohol in the glass (in my case vodka), spooning it around until the whole glass burned blue. Then she added coffee and cream, and served it. Then she heated more alcohol in a metal spoon until it was alight, and poured the burning alcohol into the coffee, making a stream of blue fire into this amazing drink :-) WOW! And it was delicious, to boot!! Strong coffee with a bite of pure alcohol on the back of the throat....

So, a wonderful evening with three delightful young ladies, joking, story-telling and much laughter.

This is my Monday Memory for this week - a future memory!



rashbre said...

Sounds like you had a great meal and the blue fire vodka sounds like good fun too! I've been having a reasonable browse around here today, catching up on some of your recent posts.

I dropped by Aginoth, too. to pass on my good wishes.


rashbre said...

(on his blog, if you know what I mean!)

YellowRose said...

Pretty flowers! Sounds like a lovely meal and that coffee...YUMMY!!! Gonna have to try that sometime! ;) I like coffee that has a bite or in your case flame to it!

Great memory!! ;)

Tara said...

Awwwwwwwww such a great memory... Hopefully I'll have memories like that one day :-)

Heya blogsistah!!

*Waves frantically at her screen*


lovely flowers and seems to be a delicious meal. It's making me hungry.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Could I have some of that Chocolate stuff right now??? YUM!

Sounds like a wonderful time and GREAT Food! Hope there will be more of these Farewell Lunches/Dinners/Breakfasts..! I'm enjoying reading about all the wonderful food and those flowers are gorgeous!